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Dark street and silhouette of a house with light in the windows at night with heavy fog

Night country road in the darkness and a lorry with bright headlights moving from behind the bend, vehicle driving on winding way and passing by

Hard storm rain, with loud thunder and lightning, a suburban residential street. Slow mo footage

Rainy in Tokyo, transit season typhoon from Summer to Autumn. Regular street view in Japan


Deary Idaho Aerial Small Cabin Tree Coverage 4 Kc

Car on countryside road at pitch dark night

Aerial footage of the wildernes and a mountain lodge covered in snow, the shot is moving torwards the lodge

Corroded metal Danger - High Voltage sign rests high on a major electrical tower

House in the forest during a snowfall at winter day

Filming a favorite rock band on the smartphone. Fan captures the best moments from a rock performance.

Power lines electric cables in the city streets of Hanoi, Vietnam

4K Storm Clouds Gimbal Shot Racing Over Trees Power Lines

Car traffic on the night road

Pitch dark night and a car passing by in the countryside. Headlamps lightening the road with a few houses aside

Strongly tangled wires in Asia

High Voltage Electrical Substation Aerial View

Decorative trees with LED backlight at night

Aerial view of fireworks in a night sky on a beach.

Wide view. Safety tree trimming by work crew from company to keep tree limbs from encroaching on the electrical power lines. aerial shot

Changing street lights in Shanghai

Over grown horror house one

Homeless people's house

Power Switch ON/OFF

Over grown horror house Two

Electrical technology

Electrical technology

Top view of truck in winter forest. Clip. Truck turns around on turn in forest in winter. Truck is driving in beautiful winter forest