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Doctor closing the bag in which dead body in laying.DISECTION OF CORPSE. Performing post mortem on the corpse .Body Corpse Morgue Pathologist Hospital

Close-up shot of joyful woman winning shooter game competition


Shot of young asian girl standing alone by the river with evening environment, showing disappointed face, heart broken things does not goes as planned, sad and despair lonely girl in big city

Sick asian girl was abandoned.

A girl in rags (Cinderella) sits and imagines being a princess

Young girl uses smartphone, sets up sound in headphones, then talks with friend sitting on bed in cozy bedroom. Caucasian teenager

Mauritius, Ganga Talao, 18 January 2022: Indian woman in traditional Indian dress whose face is covered with a mask, covid

Unidentified person feeding birds in park

Child Counting Savings

Sad Child Slavery Human Trafficking Slave Trade Asia Poor Girl Poverty Humanity Orphan

A girl in rags (Cinderella) imagines being a princess

Full portrait shot of smiling young Chinese woman sitting with crossed legs on bunk bed in messy micro apartment, holding bowl of stir-fry, beauty commercial or reality show playing on TV

Tilt up shot of person in worn clothes with scarf covering face, reflecting in dystopian world

Exploring Reflections in a Post-Apocalyptic Setting

Portrait of a young girl with expressive eyes feeling upset. Child's emotions and the importance of support.

Young Caucasian girl sits on the bed in cozy bedroom, uses phone, has poor sound in headphones or bad connection during call. Teenage girl

Zoomed-in shot of woman in worn clothes sitting on rock in deserted landscape, eating apples

Lonely girl in abandoned building seeks help

Full top shot of Chinese or Korean girl sitting on bunk bed in cluttered micro flat, watching beauty commercial or reality show on TV, then lying down, while resting at home alone in evening

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - November 26, 2018: A homeless, poor Filipino family on the porch of abandoned house.

Medium footage of young Chinese woman in headphones sitting on bunk bed in micro apartment in evening, playing FPS shooter game on laptop online, talking to teammates, and cheering at victory

Attractive small girl drinking from water faucet at park in slow-motion

Female survivor in worn clothes climbing steep scree slope with pole while traveling in post apocalyptic world

Young Couple Enjoying Soda Together at Home

Full vertical rear shot of anonymous Asian girl sitting on bed, leaning on pillow in shoebox flat, playing online shooter game on laptop computer, while relaxing at home in evening

Pokhara, Nepal - 18 November 2019: A closeup of a charming Nepalese girl. Greeting with namaste.

Barefoot pilgrim tramp woman praying in cathedral church. Confession of sins to a priest. Girl came to the priest to repent.

Close up of bride's face with scars, dead look

Barefoot girl in a long white dress praying on her knees in church. Close-up of feet.


Tired overworked girl sleeping on a pillow standing in studio, feeling exhausted and trying to take a nap. Sleepy fatigued woman suffering

Medium close-up shot of exhausted young Asian woman sitting on bed in micro flat, dimly lit with single light bulb, massaging temples to relieve migraine headache

Portrait of young woman in worn clothes posing for camera with apples in post-apocalyptic setting

Silhouette of tired child with illness, resting on bed near toy wigwam with glowing lantern in dim bedroom (slow motion)

Front view of poor woman cutting daughters hair indoors at home, poverty concept.

Child Poverty in a Small Village: A Heartbreaking Reality in the Philippines

Women loneliness middle of autumn in the old field house. RAW video record.

Neural network generated shot of two little homeless girls sitting on ruins of their destroyed house

Survival: Young woman in worn clothes eating apples in post-apocalyptic world

African School Girls

Young Student Leaving School In Southeast Asia

Medium close-up portrait of homeless African-American girl looking at sky then turning at camera standing alone outdoors in abandoned area

Dark-skinned family goes to the river to fetch water. Mother with children goes through the village. Poor family.

Poor girl with headache taking pills

sad girl standing at a white wall

Siem Reap, Cambodia - November 2015: Young Cambodian child with parent

Unidentified poor girl going to school

Poor Orphans Children playing together in a Yard, open Day in Orphanage Ukraine

Delhi, India - Sept 29, 2016: Childhood in India. A young girl playing on the sidewalk