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Automobile service - a worker polishes a car, close up

Car detailing and polishing concept. Auto detailing service, polishing of the car. Close up view of hands of man worker, polishing hood and

Macro shot of a gemologist inspecting a large diamond under a microscope

RAMAT GAN, ISRAEL, JULY 21 2016 - Diamond polisher working in a diamond processing facility

Extreme close up of hands of female jeweler polishing silver ring with buffing wheel


Woman grinds wood in workshop. Creative. Young woman works in grinding shop of sawmill. Polishing of wooden products

Portrait of a skilled carpenter crafting a wooden birdhouse. Carpentry shop, family business

Polishing a black new car.

A man wearing rubber gloves wipes or washes the headlight of a car

household, cleaning and people concept - happy african american woman or housewife with spray detergent wiping table by paper tissue or rag at home

Inspection of a large 3 carat diamond

Goldsmith Polishing Silver Earring with Grinder

Carpenter making modifications on blueprint drawings, using angle grinder on wood. Man using orbital sander gear after consulting schematics

Close up of the shiny car details after polishing and waxing, automotive care, 4k 60p

Carpenter holding power tool used to smooth surfaces by abrasion with sandpaper, changing cut off discs. Man preparing necessary equipment

Diamond processing with automatic polishing machine

Worker polishing metal surface with electric grinder in industrial workshop. Man working with angle grinder. Sparks flying from under working angle grinder. Polishing work in workshop.

Slow motion of a worker polishing a cabinet door in a furniture factory

18th century man polishing a flintlock pistol

Chisels,wrench and pliers on wall in furniture shop, panning shot. Close up of various woodworking tools on rack in joinery used for working

Master is polishing by grinding machine piece of timber. Head of tool is rotating and cleaning and smoothing wooden surface

Cleaning glass, using spray detergent on grey chroma key background. Spring cleanup, washing window, housework concept.

Slowmo of unrecognizable male carpenter polishing carved wooden item with angle grinder in workshop


The podiatrist bandages the thumb with a bandage, profession of podiatrist

Carpenter selecting tool from rack to use on wood materials, helped by african american coworker. Craftsperson doing quality on lumber

Close up of electric router on spindle moulder in furniture shop with woodworking tools on rack in background. Focus on hand powered


Mechanic Using Grinding Unit on Car at Repair Service Station

Focused young man cleaning car headlights, close up

Close up of a goldsmith working the steel to make a ring. Concept: Diamond, silver, gold

Man putting lumber block through spindle moulder, creating smooth edges on wooden piece. Joiner using heavy machinery to craft joints for

Scoops of polishing grit added to tumbling barrel with rocks as another step to rock polishing hobby.

Male car wash worker holds the microfiber in hand and polishes the car hood.

A man grindering a part of the car and preparing it for a general repair...

Retired Senior Man Cleaning Restored Car In Slow Motion

Close up of electric router on wood shaper in carpentry studio used for precision cutting of wood blocks. Focus on power tool on spindle

African american artisan in studio using sandpaper for smoothing wooden surface, creating wood art designs. BIPOC person using sanding

Hardworking carpenter polishing wood using abrasive paper

Craftsman cleaning and polishing ready handmade leather notebook cover

Chisels,wrench and pliers on wall in furniture shop used for carving wood surfaces. Close up of woodworking gear on rack in carpentry studio

Shoemaker makes leather shoes for men, sole of shoe, handmade craft DIY process, craftsman making boots.

Shoemaker makes leather shoes for men, sole of shoe, handmade craft DIY process, craftsman making boots.

Luthier polishes new frets on the guitar fretboard at musical instruments repairshop, 4k 60fps Prores HQ

Worker in auto service polishing door of the car, close up

Diamond processing with automatic polishing machine

Dental Reception: Braces Replacement & Polishing


Painter prepares the car body for painting. Grinding the car body. Mechanic prepares the car body of the car for painting

Close up footage of a worker polishing the screed over a heating system pipes, with sound

African american carpenter in joinery watching apprentice using orbital sander on lumber. Team in woodworking shop using angle grinder to