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Police team arresting suspect at patrol car. Male cop handcuffing criminal man. Serious policewoman with digital tablet reading rights for arrested man. Police officer guiding suspect into police car

A Beautiful Woman Wearing a Pilot Uniform with an Airplane on the Background

Portrait of serious policewoman in cap posing at camera with colleagues on background. Female cop standing at car with flashing lights. Police officer looking at camera


Joyful Dance Outdoors with Masks

Close-up of police officer chevron. Policeman typing in tablet as crying blurred Caucasian woman talking to him at the background. Police protection, law enforcement, serve and protect.

Police team arresting criminal. Police officers on duty walking with suspect on underground parking. Policemen and policewoman detaining man. Male cop aiming robber with gun


Female Person Using Gun Weapon - Gun Bullets in Slow Motion

Two policewoman video stock footage

Dolly-in shot of masked individuals posing with bags as police lights flash

Portrait of female copilot in aviation uniform flying airplane from cockpit command, using power engine and navigation on dashboard. Control panel buttons to fly aircraft and takeoff.


Portrait of Confident Woman in Uniform Working in Aviation Business Career Job

Close up of couple in biking gear talking to one another

Police officers running after criminal on underground parking. Policewoman and policemen chasing robber. Female and male cops in uniform trying to catch offender


Medium rear shot of middle-aged Caucasian female special agent working with crime map in office while investigating violent homicide, looking at photos of victim and suspects, linking them on map

Police team chasing terrorist in urban building. Police officers trying to catch criminal man on underground parking. Tired male offender running away from cops

People Protesting Over Abortion Law With Protest Signs. Human Rights Violations Concept. Warsaw, Poland, October 28, 2020.


Corpse of young man in forest. Stock. Young man died as result of fall from cliff in forest. Stone cliff with corpse at bottom of water


Full shot through window blinds of diverse male and female federal agents questioning murder suspect in orange prison robe in detention facility, filming on video camera, man confessing to crime

Woman looks out the window of her house observing night incident scene with out of focus police lights

Police mug shots of a female criminal holding a placard, standing in front of a white rulered wall.

Justice System - Inmates in Prison Behind Bars - elderly woman's hands

Samara, Russia - October 2019 : Lego mini figures rotating. Lego - the most popular constructor in the world

Policewoman holding gun in hands. Female cop pointing pistol at camera. Closeup police officer shooting with weapon. Focus on barrel of pistol

Police officer questioning crime victim. Woman on couch, face covered. Law enforcement, robbery, break-in, safety.

Woman hands applauding from balcony to support medical staff, health workers, doctors, nurses. Applause during Coronavirus pandemic


Medium full shot of mature Caucasian female police detective walking over and pinning murder scene photo onto crime map, with photos of suspects, then stepping away and examining it

Tracking shot of man and woman in police uniform fastening handcuffs and leading African American convict away on city street

Male cop handcuffing criminal at patrol vehicle. Policeman guiding offender into police car. Detention of accused man by police. Police officers working together during operation

Woman persistently knocking on the door, close-up

Young woman talking with police officer. Detective typing on tablet. Focused on female witness. Testimony, law enforcement.

TV studio news female presenter talking breaking news about street mass protests

Zoom out view of man taking driver license from woman in police uniform and returning to car on city street

Dedicated officer exiting patrol car. Cops aiming with firearms behind police vehicle. Policewoman relaying information on walkie talkie. Officers pursuing suspect.

Samara, Russia - October 2019 : Lego mini figures rotating. Lego - the most popular constructor in the world

Woman handcuffed and brought out of the Crime Scene. Woman offender

Studio Portrait of Smiling Mature Female Police Officer

Crime Scene yellow tape put up by a officer after a murder of a woman

Short-haired woman with tattoo wearing orange jail uniform holding sign with number and posing for camera against height chart for prison mugshots

Portrait of Professional Female Police Officer

Lifestyle Portrait of Young Happy Attractive Woman Smilling Cheerful

Woman Accidently Throwing Water on Police Officer Meant For Jokesters

Close-up of entrance door with male silhouette knocking. Female Caucasian hand opening curtain, bearded detective standing on porch. Police officer at work, questioning witnesses, neighbors, crime.

Tracking shot of man and woman in police uniform chasing and catching African American guy then putting on handcuffs and leading convict away on city street

Portland Police Stands Guard At Protest

Police and ambulance came to help. Frankfurt, Germany 18 may 2022

Police Warn Impact Weapons Will Be Used On Crowd

female officers workers characters animation


Close up view of young woman Using Gun in Slow Motion