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Hand of man filling water bottle from faucet. Clean drinking water pouring into bottle. Clean healthy water resourse.

An aerial view over a newly dug trench containing precast concrete pipes and bright orange plastic pipes, installed for the construction of a new housing development.

Woman hand holding toothbrush and tooth paste tube. Close up of white toothpaste squeezing on toothbrush. Morning teeth brushing. Oral hygiene and caries prevention

Production of plastic's industrial - plastic bottles, containers, receptacle

Close-up orange plastic pipes stack at warehouse. Industrial manufactured product lying in storage. No people, slow motion.

Pink blue Yellow colorful plastic water bowls futuristic color design

Hand opening tap with drinking water. Water pouring into plastic bottle from a tap. Source of healthy water.

Crude black Brent oil surface close up background with man hands. Mineral oil in the hands of man on factory.

Industrial water purification equipment. Valves, gauges.

Pressure measuring gauge. arrow quivers and fluctuates greatly. Industrial water filtration and ionizer system

Reusable glass Straws in Glass with water on green background Eco-Friendly Drinking Straw Set with cleaning brush. Zero waste, plastic free

Wide shot storage of plastic pipes outdoors with Caucasian male worker entering taking one and leaving in slow motion. Concentrated man in hard hat and uniform working at industrial storehouse.

Close up squeezing white toothpaste on toothbrush. Macro shot of toothpaste coming out of tube. Everyday teeth care. Morning teeth hygiene

Hands of male workers are water pipes on water supply system

Manufacture of hoses. Industrial hose is wound in hank production process. Hank of black hose production at factory

A close up shot of a hospital patient's IV drip.

Close-up of a child sliding down a vibrant red, yellow, and green playground tube

Slow zoom transparent tube in medical / laboratory setting with fluid & bubble

Sliding On Waterslide With Yellow Tubes

Young woman enjoying pool time on a colorful tube, smiling at the camera

Close-up in the medical laboratory, the robot pierces a jar of liquid with a needle and pours it into a tube for further analysis by the doctor

Zoom out from round pipe to stack of manufactured industrial products lying outdoors at warehouse. Concept of production and manufacturing. Slow motion.

A man is drinking coffee in a black paper cup

Process of applying glue on white baseboard surface with industrial tube, white sealant for plinth installing on construction site, using

White hamster running on wheel

Underwater plastic. Close-up discarded single use cup with straw floating under water in blue sea background slow motion

Side angle view grey manufactured pipes lying at warehouse outdoors with orange and yellow production at background. Stack of industrial goods at storage. No people.

Toothpaste in a tube on a toothbrush close-up.


Two lines of big plastic pipes for water supply lead through a small pond with reed

Hygiene and teeth care concept. Toothpaste being squeezed onto toothbrush

White adhesive glue used for fixing decorative plastic baseboard to the wall, process of applying gluing sealant on plinth surface. Repairing works, home renovation

Fuel black Brent oil energy industry. Oil refinery Laboratory pipeline assistant distribution pipes checking the quality of the produced fuel. Analysis of the quality of raw materials for production.

Plumber joining plastic pipes close up. Detail view of plumber working with pipes. Plumbing installation.

Water container for AC conditioner drain close-up 4K

Pink inflatable ring flamingo plastic in the swimming pool blue water, Pool accessory equipment float for party, Trendy summer vacation feeling concept

White hamster washing after meal

Concrete block is dropped on television in slow motion; shot on Phantom Flex 4K at 1000 fps

Medical drop counter in operating room

Water cleaning filter with pipes. Equipment for water purification. Water cleaning system.

Oncology pharmacist preparing chemothrapy drugs for treatment

Devices in the laboratory for research. Stock footage. A dark room with new equipment in a special flask that rotate in a circle.

Containers With Polymer Particles

African Black Footed Penguin in Plastic tube

scientist working in a lab on developing a coronavirus vaccine

Paint is coming from a tube.

Man sliding down to swimming pool, water splash and bubbles. Speed water attraction. Warm weather in recreational waterpark

Close-up in the medical laboratory, the robot pierces a jar of liquid with a needle and pours it into a tube for further analysis by the doctor

Scientist Pours Blue Pattern Chemicals Into In Flask. health care and medical concept. Scientist are certain activities on experimental