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A hand in front of a wooden backdrop counts to five with fingers.

Female Hand showing Thumbs Down on a black background

Extreme close-up shot of male hand and dollar bill roll. Man snorting cocaine line on the mirror. Drug addict using rolled-up dollar bill to take cocaine indoors. Drug abuse, addiction, social issues


High angle closeup of hand of unrecognizable person opening palm and holding two ecstasy pills with emoticon in nightclub with red and green neon light

Hand touching screen on green screen

business woman stands near a large window on a high floor of a skyscraper.

A boy is using an app on his phone and then turns the screen to the camera and points at it with his finger

Pleasant young women celebrating and posing near shopping mall


bright puzzle in extreme macro flows with teamwork, business and high finance concept or missing p

Anonymous man with handgun in hand. High angle closeup of crop unrecognizable male inspecting modern black pistol gun

African American man showing forefinger raised, attention sign on black background. Guy holding hand up close-up.

A mysterious hand slams on a frosted window then slowly falls.


Man carries bag with money. Stock. Man enters terrace of high-rise building with bag. Man delivers bag to customer on terrace of building in

The man holds in his hand joint with medical marijuana. Close up Cannabis joint. Legalization

Couple singing and dancing in city

Handprint leaning on control glass for biometric scan. concept of surveillance and security through human fingerprints in the future of digital technology.

Front view, high angle, close-up portrait of Asian woman using hand holding sugar glazy donut, slowly chewing, eating at dining room. Laziness, unhealthy habit, diabetes concept.

Sad teenage girl sitting on windowsill. RAW video record.

Unrecognizable man in mountaineering expedition. Male hands in gloves holding rock and climbing closeup. alpinist on mountain summer sunny day

A group of Asian women is giving green cloth to women who are sitting sadly in the middle of the forest

Fatigue and New Motherhood: Tired Woman Rubbing Eyes, Expressing Exhaustion of a New Mother.

Adventurous woman in pink sweater admires stunning Masca Valley view on Tenerife

Early morning, a man at the window raising his hands and stretching. Media. Looking at the city panorama from a high floor and thinking

Two friends enjoying coffee and conversation on a summer morning

Clouse-up of female hands writing in notebook. Stock. people and education concept - close-up of female hands writing to notebook rear view

High angle of stunning individual in stylish polka dot outfit, confidently posing by pool in sunny Thailand


Woman Silhouette Jumping in Sunset Light

Car sale against the evening sky. Customer paid cash for the car. Car sale.

Successful businessman using virtual screen. Indian man with transparent technology. People, business, modern concept.

Student standing at the blackboard writing with chalk

A Caucasian teenage boy cries with his face in his hands as he sits in front of school - closeup

Unrecognizable confident middle eastern man showing thumb up close-up. Modern cityscape in the background. Approval, agreement concept. Slow motion.

Female posing with hand up wearing sportive outfit, white knee-high socks and t-shirt looking at camera.

The man holds in his hand joint with medical marijuana. Close up Cannabis joint. Legalization


A strong man in a red shirt is climbing a rock

A young man protects his ears from a loud sound - green screen studio

Woman leather sack with two golden metal rivets. Action. Close up of female hand opening a beautiful brown genuine leather bag and looking

Addiction, drugs, party. Media. Stoned drunk young man at party sitting on bed and shaking aggressively.

A child enjoys a wheat field at sunset, touching the tall spikelets. Close-up. Slow motion.

Black dumbbell row set. Young asian woman holding metal dumbbells on rack in sport fitness gym, Weight training equipment


Young Woman Searching for Mobile Signal in Remote Mountain Region, Struggling with Connectivity Issues, Holding Phone High to Find Reception


Person holds a cup of coffee, overlooking a coastal Ravello town from a high vantage point. Scenic view of mountainous landscape in the background

Unconscious person after overdose, drug paraphernalia on table. Hand placing glass on table. Dolly shot.

Joined hands pleading for help and support

Portrait of a Teenage Boy on a Green Screen Background

Black dumbbell row set. Hand of man pickup metal dumbbells on rack in sport fitness gym, Weight training equipment

European model posing in studio on black background

Bearded man with acute heart pain lies on sofa putting hand on chest. Male with high temple waits for relief after taking medications in living room closeup