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Shopping in the hypermarket: Selecting hygiene products

Woman spraying perfume in the dark. Slow motion close-up shot

Long shot of young woman holding shopping basket walking along row at cosmetic store

Females choosing brassiere in underwear department

A group of happy female friends having shopping day in huge mall

body spray and perfume products in the store. Beads and beauty care products on the shelves at supermarket,


Warsaw, Poland - May 01, 2024 Modern supermarket luxurious store of premium cosmetics and perfumes. Store offers customers exclusive

Boutique of branded, expensive luxury perfumes and women's cosmetics. Beautifully designed stand with bottles of high-quality delicious perfume in the store. Ubud - Indonesia - 2022

In a cosmetics store with a large selection of goods placed in rows on shelves with illumination, a customer in summer clothes and a mask from the pandemic makes her choice Ubud - Indonesia - 2022

MS, Female looking in gift shop at pillows

Medium footage of two Caucasian and African American women standing in drugstore or cosmetics shop, waving at smartphone camera, chatting on video call with girlfriend, showing bottle of perfume

Excited brunette shopping for accessories

Attractive woman choosing face sheet mask in cosmetics store

Medium shot of positive female Caucasian customer choosing perfume while buying cosmetics at store

Girls chooses perfume in mall

Three girls sitting to discuss th selected fashion items from the boutique

Tilt up shot of young Caucasian woman smelling perfume during shopping in mall

Stand with facial cosmetics for all skin types. The newest serum moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin. Cosmetics store for women with a presentable stand of care products. Ubud - Indonesia - 2022

Antalya, Turkey - June 20, 2021: Duty free shop in international airport. Shopping in terminal

Dozens different kinds of candies, sweets and tea in a European store. Biscuit baskets and pastry on a stand in a middle of shop.

Selective focus on counter with skincare products in cosmetic department, woman with shopping basket looking for cream in background

Woman with red hair selecting perfume at airport duty-free

Customers in perfumers shop (little slow motion)

Tilt up shot of young black woman spraying perfume on wrist while buying gift for friend at cosmetic department

Woman shopping for kitchen appliances: Electric juicer demonstration

People in duty free store in airport

Exploring Cosmetics Shop in Koh Samui, Thailand - Woman Selects Make-up Foundation (Dec 2014)

Buying cosmetics in an eco store. The buyer in the store examines the proposed product, reads information about the goods on it. In his right hand he holds the prepared goods for purchase.

Girls chooses perfume in mall

Slow-motion tilting-up medium closeup of two elegant women discussing fragrance notes smelling perfume from blotter standing in cosmetics store shopping

Slow-motion shot of woman with curly hair examining perfume bottle in cosmetics store

Woman selects fragrance at a perfume store

Medium long show of two diverse women choosing perfume during shopping at cosmetics store

GREECE, THESSALONIKI, JUNE 12, 2013: People inside duty free store in international airport in Thessaloniki, Greece

Woman testing perfume in a shop, using a paper tester. No face, detail

Slow-motion closeup of unrecognizable female hands taking paper blotter for trying new perfume in beauty shop

A lively popular brand boutique with cosmetic products. Decorative and care cosmetics are sold in branded famous boutique. People walk into a cosmetics store with glass doors. Ubud - Indonesia - 2022

Woman selecting cosmetic cream in beauty store

African American girl applying oil perfume or liquid scented skincare product on hand of Asian woman and both friends enjoying its smell while choosing self care items during seasonal sale

Side-view medium closeup of woman selecting perfume in beauty shop

Slow-motion shot of two women selecting perfume in beauty shop, testing different fragrances from blotters

Midsection closeup with slowmo of unrecognizable women choosing new perfume in beauty shop, spraying it on blotter and shaking in air

"Sochi, Russia - Dec 15, 2020: Woman considering whiskey purchase in alcohol section. Buyer wearing mask, COVID-19"

Medium shot of young saleswoman consulting female customer about perfume during shopping at cosmetics store

MS, Female looking in shop at beauty products

MS, Females walking in to gift shop

Portrait of a woman shopping in a beauty shop

Antalya, Turkey - June 20, 2021: Duty free shop in international airport. Shopping in terminal