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Angler fisherman holds perch fish

fish industry - fishing - fresh fish - sea lake pond - animal background

Slices of carp fish in paprika, raw fish, sea food meals, fish food, healthy cooking, using spices

Winter Ice fishing concept. Perch fish lies on frozen lake ice.

two eagles sitting in tree

Bald Eagle Spreads Wings And Jumps While On Snowy Ground

Birds perch on a snow covered branch in a serene, sunlit winter forest, evoking peace and stillness. Quiet of the snowy woods, the gentle morning light creates a magical beauty of nature in repose.

A Vibrant Parrot Perched on a Tree Branch, Showcasing the Beauty of Wildlife

Bird Eurasian magpie or common magpie perched on a branch (Pica pica). With audio

Animals At The Biodome Parrot Chewing On Stick

Collared Kingfisher - Todiramphus chloris medium-sized kingfisher subfamily Halcyoninae, the tree kingfishers, also known as the white-collared kingfisher or mangrove kingfisher perching on root.

Animals At The Biodome Parrots Chewing Tree

Little owl (Athene noctua) in Montgai, Lleida, Catalonia, Spain

Dragonfly Banded demoiselle, perched on a green leaf, close-up.

A Baltimore Oriole bird is perched in a tree, chirping, as seen in a closeup shot

Human Head Lice, close-up


Golden eagle in winter landscape with prey over Telemark fjords in Norway

Finches Enjoying Seeds on the Bird Feeder

The squirrel in the forest climbs down the trunk of the tree and stops to look at the camera in slow motion

A Peregrine Falcon is captured scratching its head while on a roost

Four Green Macaws Birds Perched On Tree In Tropical South American Country

Seagulls perched on driftwood on the Isle of Pines, New Caledonia

Boy fishing large lake tightens line with reel of fish. Fragment of rotation of handle with reel of fishing rod against the background of an orange sunset slow motion slide. Lens flare. Travel


Proboscis monkeys leave their tree branch perch. Proboscis monkeys jumping on tree. Selective focus.

Fuzzy Juvenile Great Horned Owl In Tree 1

Seagulls and shorebirds perched on driftwood along the shoreline of the Isle of Pines

Woman cooking fish close-up. Professional chef preparing fish in restaurant kitchen, salting raw seafood, adding pepper spices. Healthy eating, weight loss.

Handle rotation with reel of fishing rod close up.

Negative Space And Baby Juvenile Horned Owl 1


Blue jay family feeding chicks in a nest

Lilac Breasted Roller sits on branch

Human Head Lice on human hair

Fresh Red Snapper on Ice in Fish Market

House crow perches on palm frond in tropical habitat. Corvus splendens oversees lush garden, exemplifies urban wildlife interaction, serene

Looking though palm fronds at seagulls perched on driftwood on a tropical beach

Great Horned Owl Scratching Itself 1


Twilight hues bathe a serene coastal landscape as dogs roam free on sandy playful by the sea edge with a lighthouse overlooking from its

Baby Owl Ducking Under Wing 1

The fisherman shows the caught bersh fish to the camera

Young Great Horned Owl In A Tree, Spring Birth 1

Northern Cardinal Perched in Tree close up


Pigeons searching for food on beach on a stormy day

Blue Budgie Looking For Food

Extreme Slow Motion Baby Great Horned Owl Looking Around 1

Mediterranean Flowering Bushes


Group of birds perched on wooden structure


Small bird perched on white bird bath


Bird perched on dirt mound