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Cinema 4K 60fps: Temperature Check at Restaurant Entrance. Woman in Mask Enters. Covid-19 Symptom Screening

Long lines at busy super market in Rio de Janeiro

A shopper walks past a social distance reminder sign in a store. Physical distancing was a common practice to reduce the spread of COVID-19 during the pandemic of 2020.

Security officer holding back clients at door entrance on black friday, trying to enter clothing store at mall. Anxious mad people searching

Shopping in Milan, Disney sign above the entrance to the store people enter

Coronavirus Pandemic Concept. Long Queue To Enter The Supermarket.

ISTANBUL, TURKEY - APRIL 25, 2021: consumers enter through automatic doors to shopping center in modern city. Buyers walking to urban shopping mall


Guy unpacking products in kitchen in his apartment

Family entering Taco Bell Restaurant 4k

Check Out At The Market Time Lapse

Credit card machine for money transaction. Man hand with credit card swipe through pos terminal and enter pin code. Banking services of electronic money. Financial success and safety.

PITTSBURGH - Circa April, 2020 - A man in a homemade face mask walks down the empty aisles of a grocery store looking for supplies. Low supplies was a common sight during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020.


Young man comes to the kitchen in his apartment

No face shot of a woman entering credit card details to pay for the online order or service. She using digital tablet to do the shopping

A View Of Target Shoppers Wearing Their Facemask During Covid 19

High school student opening her locker 4k

Mall entrance and unrecognizable people walking in and out. Slow motion video

Credit card machine for money transaction. Woman hand with credit card swipe through pos terminal and enter pin code. Banking services of electronic money. Financial success and safety

Portrait of young blonde girl in white dress and straw hat entering in greenhouse, turning to camera and smiling

Man entering through automatic door

People entering Nintendo Store in NYC 4k

A View Of Target Shoppers At The Entrance Wearing Their Face Mask During Covid 19

Use credit card. Man hand using credit card in pos terminal. Finger enter pin code. Banking services of electronic money. Credit card machine for money transaction. Global digital economics

Car dealership, african couple enter showroom service of rental leasing auto for sale. Spbd man and woman walk together into car dealership through sliding glass doors. Concept entrance, manager


Young man unpacking products in kitchen in his apartment

People in shopping area

Daily life in Milan, Italy during coronavirus outbreak. People waiting in line to enter supermarket and shopping for food

Mall entrance and walking in and out customers. Slow motion blurred bokeh video

Security officer talking to rude people shoppers waiting for black friday shopping spree event, trying to stop customers from entering

Woman wears protective mask, enters store. Covid health & safety, N1H1 quarantine, second wave virus protection

Impatient clients pushing store staff, fighting each other acting crazy while they wait in line for black friday event. Security guard


Close-up of the hands of an unrecognizable man holding bowl of washed vegetables

Pedestrians wearing masks enter grocery store in NYC during COVID19 Pandemic

TALLIN, ESTONIA - MAY 24, 2014: Crowd of people coming in and out of supermarket. Some customers paying at the cashdesk

Nintendo World in New York City

Aggressive shoppers break down mall door during black friday sales rush, pushing away security guard and rushing to get best promotions

Overwhelmed security guard on black friday trying to push back obsessed crowd of clients, people breaking line into clothing store. Agent


Online payments, e-commerce ordering concept. Business lady enters her prepaid credit card details using laptop.

Defocusing shot of people paying at ther cashdesk in the supermarket, other entering the shop

Black friday clients tired of waiting in line, angry diverse shoppers eager to start shopping at retail store. Arguing with security guard

KANDY, SRI LANKA - FEBRUARY 2014: Performers in the Temple of the Tooth, a Buddhist temple located in the royal palace, housing the relic of the tooth of Buddha.

Man and Woman use Hand Sanitizer to enter the Supermarket


Young man unpacking products in kitchen in his apartment

Anxious people wait in line for deals, standing in behind red tape at clothing store entrance. Mad crowd pushing barrier to open for black

People getting hurt on black friday, opening clothing store during seasonal sales at shopping center. Aggressive people pushing client on

Angry mad customers at outlet store during black friday event, pushing front door open. Diverse crowd of shoppers feeling anxious waiting

Farmers enter grain warehouse, approach the pile of crops, one kneels and draws a handful of wheat. Men go into a barn storing peas, come to a heap and scoop the beans with hand. Pile of soy beans


Young man unpacking products in kitchen in his apartment