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Close-up of hand creating a stunning artwork with a pencil indoors

Close up of yellow pencil on stone table. Slow sliding motion. Concept of writing, office work and old fashioned message.

Close-up of pencil drawing lines in the sketch on white paper. Painter creating a nice picture

Focused Elementary School Student Studying at Home

Video of old pencil laying on rustic wood table with copy space

people, childhood, creativity and art supplies concept - colour pencils in glass and girl drawing on paper


Homeschooling Mother Demonstrates First Steps Of Literacy To Son How To Hold And Use Pencil And Eraser

Close-up of female hand holding a pencil and writing some research notes in the appointment book

Human woman's hands with pencil writing erase and rewrite words

Technical drawing and tools. Shot in 4K (ultra-high definition (UHD))


Slow motion of a hand of a young tailor who draws with a pencil in his study of the lives to be pr

Close-up tilting down shot of concentrated face and hands of young Korean or Chinese girl drawing something in sketchbook in dark cluttered micro apartment, steaming pot on cooking stove in background

Black Woman Pencil Writing

Painter draws by pencil, designer draws the draught, woman draws lines, architect begins to draw the project on paper

Pencil lying on a wooden table

little boy with curly fair hair is writing something on carton house simultaneously thinking about his painting in light playroom

Close Up Shot Of Adorable Korean Boy Laying on The Floor And Drawing In Notebook With Pencils And Pens. Artistic Child Painting An Orang

Color pencils on white table

Girl writing in notepad with pencil while doing homework 4k

Hands of woman drawing with black pencil in exercise book against bright window. Lady sits at table behind blurred glass with pencils closeup

The artist drawing a flat line with a black pencil. Artists hands drawing wooden pencil writes line on paper.

Close-up of artist creating a beautiful picture sketch in a wooden house

Closeup graphite pencil drawing line on white paper. Macro of architect writing sketch plan on blueprint. Unrecognizable architectural designer making construction plan, slow motion


Articles Writing Handwriting

Asian Child writes homework at home .

Pencil Connecting Dots on Paper

Child creating artwork with colored pencils


Young man artist is drawing buildings by colour pencil on white paper top view. The architect making sketches for the projection of the

Tween boy and girl of African American ethnicity drawing together while spending leisure time at home with their grandma

School Education Tools Colorful Pencils 3


Child Girl Drawing With Red Color Pen On Paper At Home. Focused Creative Kid

Female fashion designer draws future clothes in 3D modeling software on laptop using digital tablet computer and stylus. She works in atelier workshop. Concept of fashion and technologies in business.

Close up shot of hand of male artist drawing with pencil on blank canvas while working in creative studio with burning incense stick

Closeup boy hand writing in notebook next to computer at table. Unknown schoolboy solving math problems in exercise book indoors. Unrecognizable child doing homework inside.

Closeup wooden pencil writing flat line on white background in slow motion. Macro of drawing straight line with pencil on paper. Unecognizable architect using graphite pencil for project


Child Drawing On Paper With Red Pen

Fashion designer drawing a fashion sketch. The artist drawing with a pencil. Close-up

African american girl holding pencil looking out of the window and doing homework while sitting on h

Spinning Declaration Form Canadian Customs

Student writes in the exercise book

Hands Make a Drawing on Paper with a Pencil and Ruler

Tracking: schoolboy does homework, writes pen in notebook


Vertical full shot of African American teenage nanny working part time interacting with Caucasian little girl while sitting on sofa in cozy living room and drawing with colorful crayons and pencils

CU R/F Hand writing on paper

Close-up of diverse young individuals. Person holding a pencil, girl pointing at paper

School Equipment Colorful Pencils 10

Close up impersonal shot of hands of African American businessman writing down some notes with pencil at office desk


Vertical Slowmo shot of pretty Caucasian little girl giving her cute drawing of dog to African American teenage babysitter while staying at home together at leisure time