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Light and Darkness

Blue Passenger Train Slowly Approaching Station

Tunnel Of A Metropolitan Railway

Shaky shot of man hastily approaching camera along the narrow dark passageway


Road Transport inscription on colorful synth wave background and car silhouette. Graphic presentation. Transportation concept

A pedestrian's point of view of walking through a construction frame.

Tilt down of three human outlines stepping along the dark tunnel in slow motion

Terrified woman fleeing from danger in dim underpass. Chased by unknown figure.

Two women walking from a pedestrian tunnel. Close-up of stylishly dressed females chatting.


Colorful umbrellas and Tunnel at pink street Lisbon, Portugal

HD version - Unrecognizable people walking in underground pedestrian walkway in city

Timelapse of people moving on Subway Station in Kyiv, Ukraine. Zoloti Vorota Station - The Best Subway Station in Ukraine. Time Lapse.

Subway train stop at Columbus Circle NYC 4k


Train leaving 42nd street station subway system 4k

Shadows of person walking alone at dark subway passage at night, and another shadow following. Individual being followed in hooded jacket at pedestrian underpass

Pedestrians walking through city of Prague

Many Passengers on the Hong Kong Subway

Frightened woman in dark tunnel at night, looking around scared of attacker who is chasing her, opening bag, taking mobile phone with trembling hands. Female with fear on face dialing 911 sos for help

Woman walking alone in mini skirt in dark underpass and male figure in hoodie starts chasing her at night. Criminal following victim in dark subway with intention of murder or abuse. Steadicam shot


Road Transport blue neon inscription on black background with aircraft symbol. Graphic presentation. Transportation concept

Close-up female legs in high heels running away from male attacker in dark subway passage at night. Woman trying to escape strange man following her. Crimininal approachig his victim. Steadicam

May 3, 2023 Lisbon, Portugal: A crowd of different people walking through underpass

expressive female dancer is dancing hip-hop choreography in dark tunnel of pedestrian bridge

An abandoned rusty railroad bridge above the curving road with a driving truck. Scene. Green summer forest and asphalt bended road under the

Elegant woman dancing in pedestrian bridge tunnel

Frightened woman running through dark underpass

Young Man Rollerblading in Graffiti Tunnel, Super Slow Motion

Close-up female fit legs in high heeled shoes and with bag walking alone in dark pedestrian underground. Female being chased and followed by male attacker in hoodie and with knife in hand. Steadicam

Driving Through Tunnel

Pedestrian walkway under Glass Waterfall Tunnel at McGraw-Hill Public Park NYC

Male legs and hands with knife chasing lonely woman walking at night in dark pedestrian subway passage. Maniac chasing his prey in darkness. Female silhouette in mini skirt walking alone

Stone Tunnel Leading to Stairs

Woman shoes walking on dark road in driving tunnel at late night. Cars driving on night highway while female person legs going in high heel shoes at city night lights. Walking concept.

Cars Drive Through of Holland Tunnel

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN - APRIL 26, 2015: Steadicam shot of people in pedestrian tunnel of city subway. Man and woman are talking and looking at something in tablet.


Road Transport inscription on orange background with transport illustrations. Graphic presentation. Transportation concept

Following: Woman Walking Alone in Dark Tunnel at Night

Rollerblader gliding through tunnel with graffiti wall, in slow motion

Pov Riding Underground Metro

A person in formal attire walks down an underground passage, engrossed in their phone

Fairground attraction of dark tunnel view with spinning blue starry sky imitation

Antwerp,Flanders,Belgium. August 2019. The Sant'Anna Tunnel is a pedestrian underpass. It is served by vintage-looking escalators, covered in wood. Two boys play on the stairs going down and up. 25fps

Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium. August 2019. The Sant'Anna Tunnel is a pedestrian underpass. It is served by vintage-looking escalators, covered in wood. People, bikes use them every day. 25fps

TALLINN, ESTONIA - APRIL 25, 2015: Tourists are walking along the passage before boarding the ferry Tallinn - Stockholm.

Drunk boozy female in mini skirt and high heeled shoes walking alone in dark underpass tunnel alone. Tipsy woman stumbling and touching the wall trying to find the way home at night

People Traffic in Underground Walkway

adult woman is dancing like robot, contemporary dance style popping and animation, portrait

Berlin, Germany: Person walking through Bridge tunnel of Berlin Oberbaum Bridge, Medium Aerial tracking shot