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Asian Clinic Patients Waiting For Covid Screening

Healthcare professionals visiting elderly patients in comfortable hospital ward

Two male patients lying in hospital beds 4k

Doctor with stethoscope holding disabled senior woman radiography in wheelchair while talking with her in hospital waiting area. Patient asking about his appointment at clinic reception.

Doctor woman consulting aged patients sitting at table in cabinet of modern clinic, explaining details of prescribed treatment


Slowmo close-up of unrecognizable woman holding hand of partner before undergoing medical diagnostic procedure or treatment, lying on patients table in hospital

Medium shot of a hospital room doctors and nurses dealing with their teenager patients

A woman sitting in a waiting room receives good news by her doctor. On background, other patients

Asian patient discussing with physician about diagnosis and treatment, talking in waiting room lobby at hospital reception area. Healthcare appointment for checkup visit consultation.

Nurse preparing patient's vein in order to put IV tube

Appointment at clinic. Close up shot of unrecognizable doctor writing female patient's anamnesis in medical history

Doctor with visor against coronavirus inviting senior couple in hospital examination room from waiting area. Nurse wearing face mask against coronavirus at clinic reception. Assistant with pills.

Slow-motion medium shot of multigenerational patients sitting in queue at modern hospital while female doctor measuring their temperature with non-contact thermometer


The video captures doctors swiftly moving a patient on a stretcher, with one doctor managing the IV drip and another holding an oxygen mask, emphasizing their coordinated efforts to stabilize and save the patient's life during a critical situation.

Covid-19 infected patient in bed in hospital, coronavirus and breathing problems concept. Doctor holding patients hand.

Many patients sitting in waiting area lobby at hospital reception, preparing to start checkup visit with appointment. Mother with child, senior man and other people in waiting room. Tripod shot.

Doctor Examining Patient's Health in Hospital Bed: The Concept of Medical Care

Portrait of african american patient sitting on chair in waiting room at medical facility, waiting to start consultation appointment at hospital reception. Diverse people in clinical lobby.

Female Medical Specialist Assisting Mature Woman at Dental Office

patient's hand on the operating table

Doctor telemedicine patients service. Spbas Therapist in white coat works on contemporary notebook at table close side view focus on new stethoscope

African american patient doing consultation with medical nurse taking notes in waiting room lobby. Diverse people having conversation about healthcare checkup visit and writing report.

closeup of elderly hospital patients hands to her face

Medium slowmo of African American soldier in military uniform at radiologist appointment in modern clinic having conversation, images of patients xrays on projector in background

Grey-haired practitioner in doctor's white robe communicating with sick man recovering after surgery in hospital ward. Aging physician standing near patient's bed talking about postoperative treatment

Female Doctor Wearing Scrubs In Office Listening To Senior Female Patients Chest Using Stethoscope

A black male doctor in a protective mask comes in and talks to patients with an elderly white man lying on a hospital bed

Close-up of a doctor hands in medical gloves examining a patient's operated knee. Surgery of the meniscus and cruciate ligament. Concept of

A friendly female doctor explains to the patient how to take the pills. Next to the patient's bed is a visitor

Brainstorming teamwork of physicians solving problem related to illnesses of patients in modern hospital conference room office. Medical examination, coworker consulting with mentor or chief physician

Doctor shows the problem on the tablet. The doctor tells the patient's health. Doctor working on the tablet, and shows X-rays. Top view

Medical Staff On Rounds Standing By Female Patient's Bed

Attending male doctor in glasses discusses with elderly married couple state of health during reception of patients in hospital hospital

Mri brain scan background, magnetic resonance tomography. The doctor examines the patient's images under a magnifying glass.

Old woman getting medical advice about osteoporosis bones disease from experienced doctor in private clinic sitting on hospital bed. Patient healthcare treatment and health consultation

Cardiograph sensor on the patient's finger during surgery.

Slowmo shot with PAN of female psychotherapist with clipboard counseling couple during therapy session

Close up female doctor writing notes in registration album, managing patients appointments at workplace. Medicine, people and infectious diseases concept.

Doctor discussing patient diagnosis with nurse in hospital waiting area. Man talking with woman in wheelchair.

Close-up of doctor's hands stroking the patient's hand, comforting and soothing her

Serum instrument in which patients are given medication

Gliding Shot Of Busy Nurses And Hospital Shot

Portrait of good-looking confident purposeful experienced mixed race doctors which holding a conference and advising about patient's treatment using results of x-ray image

Medical experts having health seminar in hospital conference room, discussing about symptoms of patients. Clinic therapist talking with colleagues about disease for treatment development.

Close up of a doctor holding a patient's hand, shaking it gently, and comforting her

Medium shot of a nurse lubricating elderly male patients mouth with a cotton swab