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A dynamic wrinkled paper texture that changes every few frames. Great as a background for an animated font.

Paper texture background V12

A dynamic, wrinkled, brown paper texture, that changes every few frames. Great as a background for an animated font or hand-drawn cartoon.

Cropped view of the page with a text in English and forefinger pointing text while reading book


Paper Title For Facts Green Screen

Answer the survey questions

Writer's block or creative crisis. Hand of female writer holds pen over blank sheet of paper.

Cinematic close up shot of man is putting a letter in an envelope before sending it. Concept of co

Paper texture background V7

Paper texture background V10


Paper Title Green Screen

Animated squared paper sheets with math formulas and equations. Digitally generated background

Lottery wheel with tickets


Paper Title In Yellow Color Green Screen

Paper and pulp mill

Actor emotionally practicing a role or script

Wrinkle paper in rotation

Paper and pulp mill

Paper texture background V19


Page Paper Green Screen

contract file icon seamless loop Animation video transparent background with alpha channel.

Trash Bin for Disposing Crumpled Papers

Empty paper questionnaire close up. Official document with printed text information questions. Unfilled checklist with places for checkmarks. Education test employee interview contract insurance blank

Toilet paper is unwound which is hanging on the wall in the bathroom, close up


Paper Lower Third In Yellow Color Green Screen

Using a whole roll of toilet paper.

Paper texture background V4

Closeup rolled newspaper with headline news. Dolly shot of camera moving through folded daily newspaper. Macro of newspaper presenting news of day with articles, headlines and pictures

A pen with ink writes on a sheet of paper. Close-up.

Sliding through a book on a macro level. Learning concept.


Paper Lower Third Green Screen

Monthly bills and expenses. Household budget sheet

Answer the questions, yes no

Paper and pulp mill

The artist drawing a flat line with a black pencil. Artists hands drawing wooden pencil writes line on paper.

Macro of an artisan paper making master is touching a sheet of handmade paper to control a quality

Printing Process - polygraph industry - brochures moving on the conveyor belt

Closeup female hand turning book page. Macro shot woman fingers leafing through book. Female student reading book. Person preparing for exam, education concept

Hand grabs toilet paper in the bathroom

Paper texture background V17

Slow motion of an artisan paper making master is controlling a quality of handmade paper sheet in

Woman tearing paper in office

Female writer thinking about new novel. Writer's block or creative crisis. Hands crumples paper sheets.

Camera moving between pages of open book. Dolly shot book sheets with english text. Macro view open book against black background. Closeup closed thick book, learning concept

printing newspapers in typography

Macro of an artisan papermaking master is sealing a high quality handmade paper sheet in a worksho

Laser printer printing on A4 paper. The process of printing in Office

Macro of an artisan paper making master is ripping off a sheet of handmade paper to control a qual