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Exhausted young businessman holding his head with hands due to headache and stress. Overworked worker feels strain. Concept of excessive load on the brain. Fatigue and panic attack, computer syndrome

Tired employee working computer in office. Overwhelmed woman analyzing sales report statistics. Exhausted startup engineer developer rubbing eyes check problem. Stressed it freelancer search solution

Tired employee massaging head closeup. Exhausted executive work office late. Fatigued man financial manager taking break suffering headache. Corporate specialist thinking project at night.

Tired business woman working with documents in office at evening. Female manager working late at home office. Unhappy business woman looking at documents at workplace. Hard work in startup business

The tired worker overworking on computer at late night. Unhappy frustrated businessman hangs up phone, upset with deadline calling. Office Work Overtime. Annoyed Overwhelmed Exhausted Stressed Man

Overworked woman having headache in night office. Tired business woman with headache touching temple in dark office. Stressed woman working late at workplace


Overloaded businessman shutting laptop lid sitting office desk alone closeup. Tired frustrated guy employee unmotivated doing hard work

Stressed man throws crumpled paper away from the table. Slow motion

Overloaded ceo suffering headache sitting office late evening. Portrait depressed bearded businessman feel despair. Stressed overworked man

Students studying in a library, resting at their desks

Closeup portrait of exhausted Bearded business man working in office at night

Upset student having problem with his homework

Overloaded with work woman

Tired woman at work

Worried manager sitting at night workplace looking laptop monitor close up. Overwhelmed businessman work late evening. Bearded office worker

Student Sleeping On Books Wakes Up Late For School

Tired overworked charming black female executive in formalwear sitting and relaxing on backseat of car after hard work day, being exhausted and overloaded while riding on taxi cab in city street.

Tired and exhausted woman works late with a pile of documents. Portrait of a workaholic.

Funny portrait of a disheveled business woman tired from work

Overwhelmed woman deals with stress from spreadsheet numbers

Overloaded female employee touches temples having strong throbbing headache

Focused shot of a disinterested young woman at a distribution center

Young Asian woman working on laptop in a cozy home

Overworked office clerk doing tasks

Man sleeping at work

A man in office writing something and throws paper in trash

Stress from Overtime Work/Young designer is staying late at the office. Hes stressed and exhausted. He works quite a lot overtime, because of tight deadlines.

Business woman busy of overtime work sitting dark office workplace close up. girl manager typing laptop feeling tired at night

Office worker feeling despair sitting desk look laptop monitor in evening. Overworked businesswoman tired by overtime work at dark workplace

Unmotivated corporate manager working in dark office late evening.

Paper checks or customer orders are pinned on a table needle at a restaurant checkout

Tired charming asian female eco volunteer in protective gloves taking a break during cleaning forest from trash, leaning on tree, feeling exhausted and overworked. Volunteering and ecology protection.

Man using contemporary notebook texting message, blurred background. oung businessman working on a laptop at his office desk

Executive with blindfold sleeping at work

Portrait of a tired and shaggy business woman working on a laptop. The exhausted employee drops his head on the computer keyboard.

Tired curly-haired freelancer taking a break on cozy couch after finishing online work

Man and Woman They Were Very Tired From Work and Sitting at Table in Work Office.

Exhausted overloaded young man in casual clothes came home after work flopped down on sofa very tired. Media. Concept of after party, tired

Tired manager solving business issues late evening sitting office desk close up. Unmotivated bearded worker looking laptop at dark workplace

Portrait of a tired self-pitying woman in the workplace. Workaholic worn out by work

Boss giving difficult task to confident lady employee. Challange to not be layed out

Tired online shop owner in headset, using tablet, feeling overwhelmed while working from home

Woman at her workplace sleeps while her colleague is working in the background

Close-up of young woman in glasses scrolling through social media, immersed in digital technology

Late office worker sitting dark workplace with laptop close up. Bearded businessman tired by overtime work at night. Manager look smartphone

tired woman is working with notebook at home office at evening, typing text on keyboard and breathing hard, exhausted and overworked

Depressed company worker sitting office desk at night close up. Unmotivated sleepy businesswoman tired of overtime work at dark workplace

Pensive charming woman in rubber gloves propped head up on hand, tired of doing housekeeping everyday. Worried housewife cleaning house, expressing frustration, overloaded of housework routines.