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Printing machine, hit set speed roto offset print press, newspaper and magazine production industry

Printed paper newspapers move along the conveyor one after another. Black and white video. Move printed publications, newspapers. Media, article, daily news, print edition, journalism, politics

Old Western News Paper

Close up of various old letters and notes on newspaper pages. Stock footage. Paper background in a retro style.

Senior couple on holiday in cabin, resting reading newspaper in kitchen.

Dolly-in portrait shot of senior man with grey hair and mustache sitting at table and smoking pipe while reading newspaper, then looking at camera and smiling

closeup John 16 in bible

still shot on Harper's Weekly, Civil War era newspaper

Active retirement, senior man with a beard and wearing glasses reading newspaper in the park.


Side tilt shot of elderly moustached Caucasian man in glasses and smart clothes reading morning newspaper at counter in vintage style diner, keeping himself up to date

A Serious, Smart Old Man Sits at a Table and Reads a Newspaper. An Elderly Man with a Newspaper Alone at Home, Sees the News and Current


Medium side portrait of moustached senior gentleman in straw hat taking off glasses and looking at camera while sitting at counter with newspaper in retro diner

A closeup dolly shot of man closing the bible santa biblia


Mature lady looking magazine enjoying summer morning in open air cafe closeup. Beautiful elderly businesswoman reading press sit restaurant

Tilt up portrait shot of stylish senior man with smoking pipe sitting at table and looking at camera

Declaration Of Indepenence American History X 018 C 015 02248 T 001

Elegant senior man with silver hair reading newspaper in cafe.

Tilt up shot of senior man reading newspaper at kitchen table, drinking coffee and speaking with wife while she cooking in background


Side portrait of senior Caucasian man with moustache in shirt, tie and glasses sitting at counter in retro diner with newspaper in hands and looking at camera

Closeup rolled newspaper with headline news. Dolly shot of camera moving through folded daily newspaper. Macro of newspaper presenting news of day with articles, headlines and pictures

Hand held of an elderly man filling out a crossword puzzle with a pen from a newspaper

An elderly senior sits in a chair with a crossword puzzle in a newspaper while waiting for an appointment at a doctors office OTS

MUMBAI, INDIA - 10 JANUARY 2015: Man sitting on newspaper on the street and eating.

The printed machine does the newspaper

Woman Typing on a vintage typewriter by a big window. Book writing on a beautiful day

Turin, Piedmont, Italy. December 2019. Exploring the stunning historic center, via Pietro Micca.

Mechanical Parts of a Typewriter - HD Close-Up

Composite this newspaper texture over your footage or transitions using the Multiply blending mode to give your video energy and a filmic style. Please see my large collection of film textures and effects for more clips like this.

Senior mother with her adult daughter reading newspaper at home together

Money of the Russian Empire of the late 19th early 20th century


Vertical side portrait of senior Caucasian man with moustache in shirt, tie and glasses sitting at counter in retro diner with newspaper in hands and looking at camera

film noir telegraph in a typewriter closeup

BEIRUT, LEBANON - CIRCA 2020: Tracking shot of an antique printing press


Side tilt shot of elderly Caucasian gentleman in glasses reading fresh newspaper at diner counter during his morning coffee

eldery woman's hand with old vintage papers

1940 S Newspaper Reporter On The Phone While The Other Reporter Types Color Version

A Serious, Smart Old Man Sits at a Table and Reads a Newspaper. An Elderly Man with a Newspaper, Drinking Coffee Alone at Home, Sees the News

radial dolly to 1930's candle stick phone desk scene

Successful senior reading newspaper on street closeup. grey bearded man holding coffee cup enjoying morning look camera at downtown

KAZAN, RUSSIA - 14 JULY 2019: An old man sitting on a bench and reading newspaper

Girl reading newspaper on old town street. Tourist enjoying morning, checking local news outdoors. Woman chilling, admiring beautiful view on summer vacation. Weekend leisure concept.

1940 S Newspaper Office Focus On Typewriter

George Bannerman Dealey Plaza Statue Newspaper Journalism Dallas, Texas, United States of America USA American Americans

Close-up of old spectacles on table.


Side shot of unrecognizable waitress serving tray with breakfast to elderly man who reading fresh newspaper at diner table

Dolly-in portrait shot of grandfather with grey mustache sitting at table reading newspaper, then taking off his glasses and looking at camera

Rome, Italy. Elderly man reading a newspaper on the street

Senior Adult Reading Newspaper at Home