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Power Switch ON/OFF

Hand operating vintage electrical equipment

Finger Flipping a Light Switch

Close up clips of Man's had turning light on and off, hand groping wall to find light switch, shot in 4K video


View of Dashboard control panel inside helicopter with different navigation instruments through window

Hand turning on a light switch

Turn on the electricity supply by pressing the red push button switch of the white power strip.

A man's hand turns off a light switch in a double switch

Macro detail of a power button being pressed and the device turned on

Elegant woman finger with pink nail polish presses red plastic button Reset to switch on contemporary network filter in room extreme closeup


Terminal blocks for electrical connection, electrical panel with number tags in electrical cabinet. Industrial electrical equipment and wiring.

A man's hand turns the light switch off and then on, close up

mans hand reaching for the light switch and turning it off 4k

Turning Ceiling Light Bulb Off Switch Off Electricity Blackout


Close-up shot of an optical fiber connector board with yellow and green cables. Stock footage. Interior details of server room.

Rusty train tracks winding through a grove of evergreens at sundown

Light Bulb Turning On with Black Background

Power Switch "ON"


Close up of optical fiber switchboard hub in a server room. Stock footage. Concept of AI, internet, and modern technologies.

Female hand with manicure turning off light in room close up

Macro Lens Closeup: Slow zoom on an off switch against utilitarian metal frame

LED bright rotating panel in blue in defocus

Woman selects tv channels with remote control at living room on sofa. Woman with her little daughter controls TV using a modern remote

Woman hand operating a remote control for a smart TV. Channel surfing, focused on the hand and remote control.


Depressed man changing TV channels on sofa at home

Man hand operating a remote control for a smart TV. Searching among different apps on smart television.


Close up of female hand inserts key into car ignition, engages starter. Woman starts engine, prepares to drive automotive. Personal

An extreme slow motion closeup view pulling down a fire alarm in a commercial building.


Depressed bearded man changing TV channels on sofa in apartment

Air humidifier in interior

Close up view of hands of electrician Connecting red and black high-voltage electric cables

Hand puts a power plug in the wall socket

Man working on professional digital audio channel mixer in studio. Electronics for amplifier and balance of sound in show. Soundboard sound

A woman uses an automatic transmission to drive while the car is running. Travel video concept


Young smiling man at night home relaxing on couch switch channel with remote controller, watching TV laughing, male at evening insomnia late

Close shot of light bulb turned off

Producer using mixing console in studio

Stand up classic arcade machines 4k

Factory control panel. Close up of worker hand turning control panel buttons. Man hand checking control dashboard. Industrial manufacturing control desk

Flashing red and green lights inside keys of old central pane of production machine tool during operation. Automatical processes on industrial plant.

Closeup of hand adjusting the air conditioner button in the car. Man using automobile air conditioning system

Female hand with manicure turning off light in room close up

Light console control. Media. Man moves joysticks on light and sound control panel in theater. Modern sound and light control console in

Power on and play toggle on electric equipment with blue glow light

Time lapse of multistorey buildings with changing window lighting at night and following closing-up. Planes flying in the sky as bright dots.

Finger switching old power switch

Home energy, video sequence

Hand switching old power switch