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Employees working in offices in evening. Rising shot of high rise business buildings in city. Warsaw, Poland

People Working in Tall Office Building. Elevator Goes Down

Top view of dark city at night with glowing lanterns. Stock footage. Beautiful view of highway with cars and lanterns. Night road in the

Aerial slide and pan footage of group of modern high rise buildings with glossy facades. Night city scene. Tokyo, Japan

Full side shot of office workers sitting at desks, catching deadlines at night in office, Caucasian man looking through documents and loosening tie, and Muslim woman in hijab working on computer

Helicopter Cockpit Night flight 09

Corporate Finance Business Office Cityscape Skyline Exterior View

Tired businessman touching head by hands while analyzing data in night office. Overworked businessman having headache in dark office. Stressed business man having bad period of time

Tired businessman at end of work day in home studio. Disappointed business man put hands on head at table in evening. Upset businessman working in cozy office. Business hard work in stress

Unique Aerial flight around and approach to windows. Evening illumination. Offices from outside. Managers employees work. Office building

Businessman in the office at night working late.

Timelapse of Jakarta skyline late at night with visible air pollution

A typical New York style apartment or office building establishing shot at night with the lights from a window turning on and off. Simulated "day-for-night" composite.

A Dolly Shot Of Lamps Turned On In A Bedroom At Night

Los Angeles Office Buildings Lights

Illuminated Tokyo Tower surrounded by high rise modern buildings. Sliding reveal of tall office or residential towers. Night city scene

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania circa-2017, Night aerial view of downtown Philadelphia buildings. Shot with Cineflex and RED Epic-W Helium.

Beautiful footage of illuminated Colombo City Hall and surrounding streets at night. White historic building with columns. Colombo, Sri

An office business center with many rooms glows at night in 4k

Aerial panoramic view of metropolis. Modern tall office or residential buildings and busy multilane thoroughfare in large city at night

Skyscrapers in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan at night

Businesswoman in her office at night working late.

Office desk at night with computer.

Business work desk with computer and keyboard modern office background. Generated by AI. Slideshow

Young female corporate employee working late in office

Backwards fly above city at night. Buildings and streets in urban borough. Illuminated commercial center and large video screens. Tokyo

Forwards fly above multilane street at city hall. Night city scene with modern high rise buildings in background. Colombo, Sri Lanka

Young man working on computer at night in dark room. The designer works in the later time. Man working on laptop in the dark

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Time Lapse with Petronas Towers in City Center at Night - Cityscape with Skyscrapers

Forwards fly above night city. Illuminated streets and high rise buildings. Aerial view of bridges to Brooklyn. Manhattan, New York City, USA


Close up of light bulb turning on and off. Blinking old fashioned light bulb in a dark room.

BTS train passing by during evening in Bangkok Thailand

Time lapse of urban city buildings blocks district

Late Night Office Work: Young Entrepreneur in City Lights

Urban City Skyscrapers Infrastructure View

Slow pan to the right captures pedestrians crossing a street on a busy intersection at night

Scenic flight over Manhattan rooftops with Purple Sky at Dusk, close up dolly forward looking into hospital office building operating at night, Aerial Drone Shot

night in the city. illuminated street. new york city aerial view

Night timelapse of colorful skyscrapers in Jakarta Central Business District

Night Traffic on E42nd Street. Time Lapse 4K

Full shot of female office worker in Muslim hijab sitting alone at desk by window late in evening, reading documents on computer and studying paperwork, with dark nighttime cityscape in background

Architect Stays Late to Check the Project Once Again

Full shot of two male Caucasian and black analysts working at night in dark office, sitting at desk typing on computer, and standing with laptop, filmed through window, with reflections on glass

Osaka, Japan, 2023: Aerial slider of night city. Streetlights illuminating streets in urban neighborhood. multistorey apartment buildings in residential borough

People Working in Tall Office Building

Aerial ascending footage of buildings with large video screens. Advertising on popular place in night city. Tokyo, Japan

Fly between high rise office buildings in evening city. Revealing cityscape view illuminated downtown skyscrapers. Manhattan, New York City, USA

"A young professional resumes work at a table in a dimly lit room"