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Man watching funny video cellphone in home laughing at loud close up. Portrait of joyful guy looking on smartphone screen reading news feed.

Samara, Russian Federation - August 4, 2018: Editorial animation. Facebook logo icon with counter likes, followers. Facebook is the most popular social network in the world.

Frowning man watching news feed looking smartphone screen in green park close up. Worried spanish guy reading cellphone message under tree.

Happy smiling male in eyeglasses looking at smartphone screen, enjoying using mobile software applications, web surfing information.

Manager using smartphone for work outdoors. Financial consultant reading news on social media app. Gadget user concept.

Vertical shot of modern Caucasian female office worker with bike sitting on bench outdoors drinking coffee and scrolling news feed on smartphone


Caucasian man scrolling on phone while relaxing on couch at home.

Facebook Icon Green Screen

Young businessman using smartphone outside. Boss in formal suit scrolling news feed, texting messages. Technologies, gadgets concept


Young people phubbing together at home party. Millenial friends lying on sofa using smartphone or mobile phone and vr goggles. Pretty girl

Middle aged female sitting on comfy sofa with modern smartphone in hands. Serious woman scrolling news feed while spending weekends at home.

Newspaper icon motion graphics animation with alpha channel, transparent background, ProRes 444

Late-night scene: Man captivated by phone, wife nearby

Selective focus shot of young albino woman sitting at table in modern cafe drinking cappuccino and scrolling news feed in Internet on smartphone

Macro footage of hands scroll through the news feed in social networks. Close up

Scrolling on Social Media

Top view of girl sitting on sofa, using laptop and scrolling up and down news feed or browser page using touchpad. Home office for freelance work, shopping, online communication. Wireless technology.


Beautiful woman drinking tea, using mobile phone, scrolling news feed, checking social media, browsing web, online shopping, writing message, chatting internet, sitting on stairs in cozy home interior

Stylish person using smartphone while walking in city - slow motion summer scene

A man using on social networks reads the blur news feed page online.

Happy woman scrolling phone social media in pajamas in living room. Beautiful lady reading news feed using dating app at home. Attractive lady resting on sofa enjoy morning at home.

Man using smartphone and drinking coffee to go outdoor. Close-up. Generation z in hipster outfit, using his smartphone, scrolls through social media feed on device, checking map, reading news on app

red haired holding smartphone scrolling news feed in social media or chatting with friend sitting on the sofa at home

BARCELONA, SPAIN, 21 MAY, 2023. Man read news about UFO, area 51, reeding the news feed, swipes up. Typing into a search bar on the Internet

Person using smartphone at sunset on street. Millennial Gen Z scrolling through news feed on app. Cinematic photo of woman at sunset using phone.

Woman using smartphone in living room. Asian female scrolling news feed, watching video and laughing. Digital future.

Young man browsing on smartphone while brushing his teeth in bathroom in morning checking news feed


Close-up of young girl lying on knees of her friend and fliping social networks on mobile phone or smartphone. Friendship of millennial with

Portrait of a Professional Asian Woman Outside Modern Office Building

Close up shot business woman scrolling news feed in social medias. Using smartphone during office break. Employee browsing actual


Young mix race handsome man holding backpack walking along the city park after work, man using cellphone, strolling along urban walkway looking at social media news feed, sunset time, man in the city

Scrolling on Phone

Young man, tourist or student, in trendy outfit, engrossed in smartphone's news feed

Woman enjoying outdoor time with her baby and phone

Woman using smartphone on sofa at home. Looking at photos on mobile screen. Scrolling through news feed online.

Girl holding smartphone shopping online. Hands touching gadget at home closeup. Unknown app user scrolling news feed social media resting on sofa. Woman checking email in morning. Weekend leisure time

Portrait of a taxi driver checking an order by phone. Guy browsing social media news feed

BARCELONA, SPAIN, 21 MAY, 2023. Man reading news about UFO, area 51, swiping up news feed. Typing into a search bar on the Internet

girl checks smartphone News feed back from university wearing streetwear

Older woman use smartphone swipe news feed, choose online goods

Close up shot of person scroll through feed on phone, change application, check social media and news. Dark evening night shot with bokeh

Person using smartphone at sunset on street. Millennial Gen Z scrolling through news feed on app. Cinematic photo of woman at sunset using phone.

Selective focus close-up of hands of unrecognizable mother and her son scrolling news feed in Internet on digital tablet

Joyful young woman using smartphone for social media and online activities

Family busy with electronic devices on sofa

Modern traveler, young woman scrolls news feed on smartphone, sits on suitcase in airport. Teenager in empty terminal waits for flight.


Closeup guy swiping cellphone choosing online purchase at home couch. Relaxed millennial man touching scrolling smartphone sitting sofa.

Young woman using smartphone outdoors in urban background