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Misty forest at Midnight

The man going in the cloud of smoke on the dark background, slow motion

Silhouette of a man exiting from a dark cave to light in exterior, slow motion. Life and death concept

Light and Darkness

Crime scene in the woods filmed by a drone. Missing person's bag. Dead body found in the woods and evidences. Corded crime scene

Silhouette of a tree with a crow and full moon at midnight.


Colorful vibrant vivid forest trees woodland at sunset golden hour

Enchanting Fall in the Woods. Dolly Shot.

Majestic aerial view of misty forest valley at sunrise

A businessman, whose face is hidden in shadow, stares into the camera in front of a red background.


Nature Landscape Scenery in Autumn Fall Season Outdoors

No people shot of black and white evidence photos from crime scene, newspaper clippings and landline on work desk of detective in his dark office

The man walking through the dark corridor

Tilt down of three human outlines stepping along the dark tunnel in slow motion


A man walking in the night park near beautiful lanterns. Stock footage. Man walking alone and looking at smartphone.


Young Man Walking on Street Alone in Dark Night

Timeless Vintage Clock: Elegant Art Deco Design

Silhouette of man walking on street in dark night illuminated by car headlights, feet close up

The man stand on a rock against the moon. Real time capture

Mysterious forest in night time and fog. Bright full moon light and trees shadow. Aerial view


Vertical closeup of anonymous person using matches to light candle indoors

Silhouette of a tree with full moon at midnight.

Mysterious silhouette of a woman on gray background

Walking slowly through the path of a haunted forest at night.


Natural white smoke on black background, slow motion

Abstract Smoke Fog and Mist Effect Swirling Surreal Shapes Background

mysterious girl wanders in the evening forest

The woman and man walking through the smoke cloud in the dark background

Ravens on branches in the moonlit night - Slo Mo

Transylvanian Castle at night with fog and lightnings - pan shot

Witch Craft Ouija Board Spirit Game 13


Man wanders in forest and looks around anxiously. Young man lost in woods with phone in hand.

Full moon in the dark and cloudy night

Mystic cloudy aerial view over a forest in Vercors france. Sunny morning.

Enigmatic figure in white nightwear walking towards sunlight, surrounded by mist. Intrigue, wonder, and supernatural phenomena. Sunlight streaming through window.

Ravens and big full moon on background - Slo Mo

Fantasy firefly lights in the magical forest

Dark Forest And Castle


Vertical shot of Black girl reading occult book in dark house and frightening her friends sharply moving flashlight to her chin

Foreground burning candles and incense sticks placing on rustic table with blurry wizard in cape conjuring with vintage spellbook, casting rune stones while predicting future indoors in background.

Medieval Castle in Transylvania at midnight

Full moon rising in the dark

View of rainy foggy road with picturesque nature from driving car along roadside during journey. Cyprus. Slow motion.

Old Castle Walls In Misty Foggy Nature 2


Side tilt closeup of young African American lady pronouncing spell over wooden cup with six-pointed star while summoning evil spirits at night indoors

The male walking near the cloud of a smoke on the dark background, slow motion


Witch in hat performing witchcraft with burning book. Mystical woman smiling while doing magic in forest at night. She is looking at the flames


Man in suit spies Investigating vault safe holding a flashlight in dark room