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War Of 1812 Aim Musket

Close Up Civil War Musket

Civil War soldiers loading their weapons

civil war union soldiers reload musket behind barn

Gunfire of the battlefield (Archive Footage Version)

Vintage rifle shooting (2 of 4)

Enactors shooting guns (1 of 3)

civil war era union soldier hoists musket onto shoulder

Revolutionary War commander confers with soldier

Civil War Camp Morning

Civil War soldiers get final orders

Civil War reenactment (1 of 3)

Battle lines (1 of 6)

Vintage combatants firing arms (2 of 2)

Civil War soldiers marching across field (Archive Footage Version)

Group of Civil War soldiers being inspected

Civil War Camp Tent Morning

Civil War reenactment (3 of 3)

escape slave meets rowboat captain

Vintage battle marching (1 of 1)

Enactors shooting guns (2 of 3)

Vintage cannon shooting (2 of 3)

Civil War Camp Inside Tent

short brush on canvas, landscape art

civil war era union soldiers walking away from barn post, wide shot

Union soldiers firing across battlefield (Archive Footage Version)

Combatants firing a cannon (1 of 3)

Three Civil War soldiers standing with their rifles (Archive Footage Ver

Enactors marching (2 of 4)

Vintage combatants heading to battle (2 of 2)

Soldiers at camp (2 of 5)

Rugged Civil War soldier man (Archive Footage Version)

Civil War soldiers getting final orders (Archive Footage Version)

Group of vintage soldiers (1 of 1)

Rifle barrel manufacturing on a milling machine

Serious looking Civil War soldiers

civil war era slave prepares to run away

General addressing forces (3 of 5)

Group of Civil War soldiers with bugle

Civil War soldiers shoulder their guns (Archive Footage Version)

Revolutionary War era man smokes tobacco pipe

Civil war soldiers regrouping (Archive Footage Version)

civil war era slave escapes on rowboat with captain

Youthful Civil War participant (1 of 1)

union soldiers appear from behind house and fire muskets, escaping slave takes cover

Vintage Soldiers discussion (4 of 4)

Three Civil War soldiers standing with their rifles

Enactors shooting guns (3 of 3)