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Portrait oc Thoughtful Senior Lady Thinking in garden


Bored Pensive Senior Woman With Hand On Cheek In Introspective Thought, Contemplative Expression Of 70s Older Lady Close Up Face


Stressed senior woman at home with internet banking debt, problem and crisis. Retirement, anxiety and elderly person in kitchen on computer

Worried senior woman feeling stress, sitting on couch

Anxious mature retiree sitting on couch, feeling frustrated.


Elderly waiting patiently at the train station at night

Emotional woman in tears

Thoughtful mature woman sitting alone at table

Elderly woman sits on couch with cane, lost in thought


Person Reading Content Online At Night In Front Of Laptop Screen 3


Side studio footage of elderly Caucasian woman in beige sweater mourning on black background and holding tears back

Tired older woman experiencing a severe headache.

Senior Businesswoman Reflecting on Work on Laptop

Mature woman examining wrinkles in mirror at home. Aging and femininity concept.

Mature woman with worried emotion, close-up face looking down in sorrow and grief. 50s person in melancholy

Concerned woman sitting on sofa in living room 4k

Mature woman reflecting in bed

Mature woman gazing out her home's glass door

Thoughtful woman lying in bed at night, feeling lonely and struggling with insomnia.

Sad dissatisfied elderly woman sitting by an open window at home

Desperate Older Person Struggling With Depression Gripping Cars Steering Wheel Parked On Street In Monochromatic Dramatic Black And White

Thoughtful Elderly Woman: Close-Up Portrait on the Street

Portrait of a mature woman in a park. Serious expression and reflection of old age. A glimpse into the life of an elderly woman.

Close up of mature woman's sad face with blurred figure of man in the background. Elderly lady has a disagreement with her spouse.

Urban Concerns: Mature Woman in 50s Reads Phone Message, Preoccupied Expression on City Street

Woman enjoys a car ride and admires the view

Lonely mature woman feeling down at home.

Thoughtful mature woman reflecting

Woman with dark hair experiencing a strong headache in bed. Brunette in blue pajamas struggles to sleep due to migraine.

Upset Mature Woman Facepalm Gesture on White Background

Frustrated employee receives notice of dismissal

Mature woman overcoming challenges

Contemplative Caucasian Woman on White Background

Vertical shot of frustrated mature woman wiping her tears with napkin and looking at camera while sitting on sofa in therapist office and crying during counseling session

A elderly woman taking off her glasses, eye problems.

Mature woman sitting at table with small birthday cake in empty room. Birthday celebration concept. Sadness, loneliness

Woman enjoying solitude by a pond at sunset

Lonely Elderly Woman Looking Out Window at Christmas

Emotional woman on the verge of tears

Elderly lady waiting for train on platform of railway station at night

Woman prays by the window at home

Senior Woman Taking Medication at Home

Experienced woman at home

Senior woman talking on cell phone

Stressed Senior Woman Working Remotely

Woman observing rain through the window

A young girl expresses emotions on a white background. A girl expresses sadness.

Unsatisfied child and upset parent having a disagreement at home