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Asian couple wearing costumes dancing waltz together in front of palace

Low angle slowmo of diverse pairs in Regency outfits performing energetic beautiful dance on parquet floor at classical ball party

Canival in Venice, couple disguised as twins with feathers in red and blue. Video effect of particles in the air.

Low angle slowmo of multiethnic aristocratic couples ball dancing at ceremonial party in Renaissance style ballroom

Woman in carnival mask holding sparkler and smiling to the camera, steadycam sho

Tilting up low angle portrait of young red haired Caucasian woman wearing big green ruffled Regency dress looking at camera while standing with gloved hands folded under golden chandelier

Group of young men in masks posing confidently

Woman in Carnival Mask, Steadycam Shot

Medium shot of diverse pairs of beautiful debutantes and their male partners wearing adorable Regency outfits strolling along luxury ballroom before dancing

Back view medium shot of young Caucasian aristocratic couple in medieval outfits standing by window in classic ballroom and having conversation

Midsection of unrecognizable male debutante adjusting tuxedo, vest and gloves while standing in Regency style ballroom with expensive gold chandelier hanging above

Woman in carnival mask holding fan and looking to the camera, steadycam shot

Low angle slowmo of two beautiful aristocratic ladies wearing poof ruffled dressed dancing with male partners at debutante ball in luxurious ballroom

Low angle portrait of young handsome man in black cylinder hat posing for camera under expensive gold chandelier in Baroque style ballroom

Woman in carnival mask hiding behind black fan and looking to the camera, steady

Medium slowmo of elegant ethnically diverse ladies and gentlemen wearing luxurious ball outfits and suits having conversation while standing in classic style corridor of aristocratic ball hall

Elegant woman gracefully poses with feather fan on white background.

Tilting down no people shot of magnificent burgundy dress of Renaissance or Victorian times with golden embroidery and pearl buttons on mannequin

Elegant woman in vintage ball dress and hat, gracefully waving fan

Woman in suit with horns looking

Over shoulder slowmo of Black man in elegant tuxedo suit nodding his head while inviting beautiful young Biracial debutante to dance at ball in pompous Regency style ballroom

Venetian Masks at Carnival in Venice, Italy (Feb 16, 2015)

mardi gras yellow mask animation

Elegant woman in gown gracefully jumps on bed

Woman in carnival mask holding sparkler and doing serious look to the camera, st

Closeup of woman wearing venetian masquerade mask at party. RAW video record.

Medium slowmo of young Caucasian man wearing tuxedo, black cylinder hat and white gloves opening heavy wooden ballroom door with gold carving and entering ball party

Vertical full length slowmo of people in fancy medieval outfits ball dancing in pairs in classic ballroom with gold crystal chandelier on high ceiling

Full length shot of multiracial people in charming Victorian style dresses dancing with each other at glamorous debutante ball

Elegant woman in vintage ball gown gracefully approaches a grand golden bed

Zoom in portrait of elegant ginger haired Caucasian woman wearing white feather hair accessory and necklace looking at camera standing in classical foyer at ceremonial reception

Elegant woman in vintage ball gown on luxurious bed with feather fan.

Low angle shot of two Caucasian couples wearing posh Victorian dresses and suits dancing under luxurious gold chandelier on high ceiling in spacious ballroom

Low angle slowmo of ethnically diverse representatives of Victorian aristocracy walking along pompous Baroque ballroom with high ornamental ceiling and golden chandelier on it

mardi gras purple mask animation

Tilting up shot of unrecognizable woman wearing adorable beige dress with rose flower on poof skirt and neck jewelry gesticulating with her gloved hands while making speech at ceremonial ball party

Woman in carnival mask holding fan and smiling to the camera, steadycam shot

Tilting up low angle portrait of beautiful young Biracial woman wearing magnificent Regency dress with ruffles and pearl necklace posing for camera under expensive golden chandelier in ballroom

Medium shot of rejoiced young diverse members of aristocracy dancing in couples and switching pairs during ball party in classical mansion

Low angle medium slowmo of handsome young Black man wearing black tuxedo suit escorting his lady at Regency ball, walking with other couples in row along spacious ballroom

Steadycam shot of two women in costumes at the masquerade party

Women in masks making toast with glasses of champagne

Through wooden door with golden carving details shot of beautiful young Caucasian couple wearing Victorian style outfits dancing on parquet floor in historical ballroom

Woman telling secret to her friend at the masquerade party, steadycam shot

Asian couple wearing costumes dancing waltz together in front of palace

Women in carnival masks looking to the camera, steadycam shot

Medium slowmo of three diverse Regency couples in vintage ball outfits having conversation while strolling one after another along classic ball hall, arriving at gala event in palace

Medium slowmo of young beautiful ball debutantes in fascinating Regency dresses holding fans while spinning around their male dance partners standing on one knee on parquet floor in ballroom