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Medium shot of a janitor mopping the floor of a corridor.

Construction worker cutting board

Crop technician arranging spar plugs on workbench

Young professional cleaner enjoying music while mopping floor in open plan office

Carpenter cutting wooden plank with table saw

Sewing the leather with thread on the sewing machine, dolly, close up 4k

Worker polishes wooden boards. Creative. Rear view of worker in suit polishing boards. Polishing of boards at woodworking enterprise

Black constructor on a site talking the radio set and taking the measures on a site

Shoemaker makes leather shoes for men, sole of shoe, handmade craft DIY process, craftsman making boots.

Back view of Black male mechanic in hard hat using bolt wrench while repairing wheel loader at tractor plant

Closeup of unrecognizable marine technician unscrewing bolts with wrench while fixing boat engine

Young man in workwear taking a break at work in a quarry on a hot summer day

A man dressed in a suit and tie, showing a wrench mechanic. Concept : car insurance, mechanical, l

Skilled carpenter using pencil and metal ruler for drawing on wooden board surface measuring distance, handyman working in workshop with wood making high-quality furnitures and other products. Joiner

PHUKET, THAILAND - OCT 6, 2018: unidentified man places a tile on the floor on top of cement on October 6, 2018 in Chiang rai, Thailand.

Man working on a sewing machine.

Close-up of man cutting board on machine. Creative. Carpenter processes wooden board on machine. Industrial processing and trimming of

Portrait of young woman working as mechanic on boat, removing face shield and smiling

Repair and decoration of apartments and houses. Professionals lay porcelain tiles on the floor in the bathroom.

Close up of worker hand using grinder cutting concrete floor with electric saw to lay electrical wiring, floor repair. dust and sparks

Sewing workshop. Close up of tailor hands painting on leather piece with pencil, working at studio in evening

2 Man Artist Sculptor Cutting Wood With Chisel And Hammer

Ground level shott of mechanic lying under car body, fixing its motor with screwdriver. View from under car body, garage floor

Worker with protective mask welding metal. welding in black background in slow motion. Man with protective mask welding metal in dark

From above shot of boat mechanics with wrenches repairing boat engine in pit

Man in a carpentry workshop working with a wooden piece using a cutting instrument

Workers carry bricks. Sihanoukville, Cambodia, Asia

Hard working female mechanic climbing under crawler tractor or bulldozer to fix it while working at plant

Top view of professional male boat mechanic with wrench repairing boat engine in docks

Close up of a carpenter while he is grinding a wooden trunk after he finished to cut it. Concept:

Close up footage. Home Duct Cleaning Services, ventilation cleaner man at work with tool on the floor. Slow motion footage

Professional worker laying tiles on floor

Supervisor inspecting an object. Young foreman writing on clipboard on grey background.

Industry, building, construction and people concept - happy male builders on white background

Workers in industrial uniform and welded iron mask in steel factories, first industrial safety concept. Slow motion in low light.

A carpenter is grindering a big wooden board in a factory. Concept: work, passion, construction. S

Sewing a leather material on the sewing machine, 4k

Skilled worker at construction site - shaping metal detail with precision

Vertical shot of African American male plant worker showing new female colleague around workplace

Slow motion of employee man cutting and working with saw in furniture factory room

Shoemaker makes leather shoes for men, sole of shoe, handmade craft DIY process, craftsman making boots.

The polished wood working


Worker's hand on a lathe wheel with industrial machinery in a metalworking shop

Black man in hardhat with face shield drilling hole in concrete brick while working on construction site

Industrial Welder With Torch. welding mask and welders leathers, weld metal with a arc welding machine at the construction site, blue sparks fly to the sides

Skilled worker operating lathe

Medium shot of adult middle-eastern warehouse worker in protective mask walking towards camera along pallet racks carrying heavy carton box


Close-up of carpenter working with wooden board in factory. Creative. Man is working with wooden board on industrial machine. Working as