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Above view of troubled woman lying in bed by the side of her sleeping husband

Mature couple discussing life challenges on cozy sofa

Couple talking on sofa at home

Smiling couple strolling together in the city

Portrait of egoistic wife with vainglorious facial expression surfing social media on smartphone as blurred husband screaming gesturing at background. Disinterested Caucasian woman ignoring man.


Married young multi-ethnic couple lying in the bed back to back at night and typing or scrolling on smartphones. Young unhappy couple

Young couple using smartphones in bed, tracking shot

Isolated silhouette of a couple arguing

Worried couple having problems and sitting in silence on the sofa

Unhappy Couple Feeling Disconnected From Each Other Man And Woman Sitting In Bed Ignoring Each Other

Young spouses sitting apart on sofa, ignoring each other after family quarrel at home, free space


Couple quarrelling sitting on couch, desperate girlfriend crying while boyfriend ignoring her

Closeup serious duet sitting home. Involved man woman couple reading devices ignoring each other at living room. Bearded focused guy watching tablet. Relaxed lady browsing mobile phone at apartment


Frustrated man contemplating breakup at sea coast closeup. Serious couple feeling offended ignoring each other at ocean Pair crisis

Relationship At A Standstill Young Couples Silence Reflects Tension And Alienation In Times Of Crisis

Millennial interracial couple standing back to back on night city street scrolling social media in smartphone app. Side view positive carefree Asian man and Caucasian woman surfing internet ignoring.

Digital Disconnect: Man Checks Phone while Bored Girlfriend Sits at Coffee Shop, Capturing Modern Technological Isolation


Upset models standing sunset cliffs beach closeup. Multiracial man woman contemplating problems at windy landscape. Frustrated couple

Young man ignoring woman while using smartphone device. Couple in crisis because of modern technology. Girlfriend ignored by boyfriend

Couple ignoring each other on bed 4k

Close up of man reading his wife?s sms while her sleeping

The upset girl sit on the bed against the background of the arguing parents

Unhappy couple ignoring each other sitting apart on couch

Couple sitting back to back on couch with smartphones

Couple discussing disagreement at home

Couple in modern phase of mutual disinterest

Tense couple in disagreement, choosing to disengage.


Busy husband in glasses and checkered blue shirt working at home on sofa, sad wife sitting next to him feeling lonely

Man tells something to his girlfriend while they speaking, steadycam shot

Shy university student facing bullying from groupmates

Angry mixed race couple ignoring each other after an argument sitting back to back on an outdoor patio with a sad expression

Couple looking thoughtful and sitting in silence in the kitchen

Confident woman posing outdoors, ignoring colleagues in background.

Unhappy young man passing group of laughing groupmates on campus. Portrait of university student suffering of mockery. Education concept.


Diverse sad pair posing ocean cliff closeup. Curly woman blonde man feeling upset at marine Mixed-race couple relationship tension


Irritated girlfriend shouting stressed boyfriend emotionally in closeup. Married couple arguing having relationship crisis at ocean

Interracial couple enjoying online connection while dating outdoors


Young unhappy couple in bedroom. Wife staring at phone and not paying attention to husband.

Bored spouse upset as partner uses phone, ignoring them. Gadget-obsessed person addicted to technology, showing no interest in their partner.

Tensed woman sitting while man sleeping on bed 4k

Shy university student facing bullying from classmates. Portrait of young man reading on bench with people laughing in background.


A man in bed use the phone to send messages or use social networks. Concept of: new generations, s

A married couple are experiencing a problem in bed at night on the bed.

Portrait of couple in restaurant, one distracted

1 Bored Partners Ignoring Each Other With Mobile Phones


Young couple yelling scandaling at ocean vacation closeup. Nervous woman shouting angry man discussing disagreement. Stressed family arguing


Offended wife arguing stressed husband emotionally in closeup. Irritated couple having relationship crisis at ocean beach vacation

Concerned woman on phone while man uses phone in background. Sad couple in bedroom.