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Frustrated businessman have business crisis losing corporate profit close up. Portrait of exhausted unhappy office manager sitting at desk with computer. Stressed worker reading bad financial report.

Office worker loses job. Unhappy man in despair. Upset businessman outside office. Unemployment crisis.

Asian worker man disappointed looking on trading charts, crypto currency, knowledge and skill, bear market, rug pull, liquidation of leverage future trading, fail sad evening, losing all money in mark

Unhappy man losing job, frustrated outside office. Unemployment crisis.


Annoyed teammates losing money reacting fail at cabinet closeup. Emotional angry boss throwing documents feeling mad at workplace interior

Depressed kickboxer leaning on ropes in fitness center. Apathetic sportsman standing at gym. Confused fighter losing battle on ring.

Confused business team feeling upset in modern office. Upset african american man and hipster businesswoman losing right decision indoors. Mixed race couple thinking in the workplace.

Business woman executive director standing at desk with laptop, expressing negativity, losing tender

Desperate man with problems in life in front of the mirror


Emotional businesspeople reacting fail looking computer screen at office closeup. Nervous man throwing work documents feeling angry

Failed businessman losing money before Christmas

Close-up portrait of a young man expressing deep emotions in a natural outdoor setting

Worried Businessman Business Man Working With Laptop Pc In Office


Young woman having fun playing video games on couch at home with an enthusiastic expression. The girl is upset about her loss in a video

Businessman Working With Laptop And Facepalming

Struggling Asian man facing work challenges on laptop, feeling frustrated and disappointed, crypto trading difficulties, indoor shot at home bedroom

Middle aged white-collar employee in loose necktie drinking whiskey alone in stress and despair after receiving dismissal notice. Depressed business person drinking alcohol beverage after losing job.

Surprised and frustrated middle aged woman looking at smartphone screen

Mourning Woman Visits Grave in Cemetery


Play credits button hit on casino gambling game

Nervous middle aged businessman in formal suit sitting on couch at home and watching sport match on TV. He getting upset, swearing and throwing remote control as his favorite team losing

Upset gamer yelling and smashing table after losing online multiplayer match, playing on gaming setup. Close up of man feeling angry and

Tired stressed businessman losing concentration on business deadline at workplace closing laptop sighing sitting on stairwell. Corporate entrepreneur doing overtime working in financial building.

One Man Playing Video Game on PC and Using Modern Controller. Young Guy Looking at Screen and Having Fun with Gamepad Joystick. Attractive

Employee losing his mind over mindnumbing tedious paperwork, bursting into dance in office during nighshift encouraged by coworker clapping

From Roof to Front of Abandoned Home in Desert

Upset african american gamer raging after losing game, playing on ultrawide smart TV. Man in living room feeling angry and shouting after

Man sitting on bed looking at empty wallet. Male very dissapointed and depressed feelling hopeless about situation after losing job not able to go on trip. Concept of bankruptcy, poverty, unemployment

One Teenage Boy Playing Video Game and Using Modern Controller. Kid Looking at Screen and Having Fun with Gamepad Joystick. Young Male

Disappointed gamer losing tournament round in cozy home neon cyberspace studio. Upset man esport player calming down exhale after defeat. Sad guy looking on pc display checking competition results.

Santa getting upset playing video games

Close-up of three young guys cheering for favorite team during soccer or football match. Team losing game. Fan concept.

Bull elk grazing through the Wyoming Wilderness together after losing in the rutting season.

Medium shot of an angry gamer destroying keyboard after losing a match at a gaming tournament

Young women run on seashore improving endurance. Losing weight and maintaining healthy body shape together. Active lifestyle concept

Portrait of Young Boy Intensely Gaming with Joystick Feeling Annoyed by Losses

Worried Hispanic Business Man Looking At Hair In Office Restrooms

Child takes hold of chain at playground structure, losing equilibrium, learning to play. Small boy at public park

Medium close-up shot of Asian female gamer sitting on bunk bed in tiny apartment, playing FPS shooter on laptop online, losing match, ripping off headphones and reacting with anger and disappointment

Amusing modern good-looking granddad and grandson enjoying video games during joint leisure at home

Closeup sad kickboxer losing fight at gym. Portrait of upset sportsman standing on ring. Disappointed fighter leaning on ring ropes in fitness center.

Children Riding The School Bus To Class Young Girl Losing At Tablet Games

Gamer receiving game over screen on ultrawide smart TV, losing all health, failing to win level and beat enemies. BIPOC player defeated in

Disappointed male shaking head and making face palm gesture

Concerned woman reflecting on personal challenges in a garden setting

adult man is losing weight, training on exercycle in home, sport activity at self-isolation

Furious business owner yelling at his subordinates after hearing bad news about profit growth, hanging up landline phone. Aggressive

Mom and son of European appearance playing video games using joysticks sitting on the couch in a stylish home interior. They're losing