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Sad Child Upset Little Girl Emotionally Unhappy

Sad Child Little Girl With Depressed Emotion 2


Portrait Little Girl With Concerned expression Looking At Camera in park

Tearful Child Crying After Getting Hurt One Little Boy Cries Upset Small Kid Portrait Face Closeup

Portrait of pretty little girl in a striped dress in park. Very serious, sad, little girl. Summer, vacation, happy childhood concept


Portrait of sad little girl looking down close up

Slow motion shot of engaged young girl reading book at desk in cozy bedroom

Sad child embracing stuffed animal.

Close Up Portrait Of Crying Child Looking At Camera

Distressed child in tears at a cafe window.


One Worried Pensive Little Girl With Sad Quiet Expression Standing Outside During Sunset Backlit Close Up 8 Year Old Girl Portrait

Sad Child Suffering From Depression Pensive Little Girl

Young girl with makeup expresses emotions in slow motion

Depressed girl sitting on kitchen floor alone


Bored Little Girl Rolling Eyes To Sky Feeling Annoyed Eye Rolling

Portrait of a Muslim Mother with Hijab Comforting Her Crying Child - Parenthood Concept

Crying child abuses victim in semi-dark room closeup. Little girl with water eyes of offence on blurry background. Scared kid suffering from

upset child in natural setting

Child Boy Crying close-up ,Slow motion


Child, teenage is sitting on the couch at home, using the remote control to switch channels on the TV.

Sad Depressed Little Girl Laid In Bed Holding Head With Hands In Chin Close Up Face Of Melancholic Child Feeling Down In Black And White Monochrome

Troubled Child Sad Kid Depressed Little Girl

A cute little girl of African-American appearance sits on a chair with a serious look

Serious Little Girl Close Up Face Staring At Camera In Black And White Monochrome Macro Portrait With Solemn Sad Pensive Expression

Child with watery eyes in semi-dark room closeup. Little girl cries suffering from domestic violence on blurry background. Sad kid with

Sad Pensive Little Girl Feeling Solitude By Apartment Window Staring At View With Thoughtful Gaze Contemplative Depressed Child

Tired Little Girl Rubbing Eyes With Hands

Upset child alone at night glamping closeup. Sad little girl near panoramic window in camp at bright light. Lonely kid stands in evening

Lonely Child Feeling Sad And Depressed In Moody Winter Scene By Glass Window One Thoughtful Little Girl Stuck At Home


Thoughtful Little Girl Thinking Mixed Race Child Face Close Up 2

Concern for Illness: Young Girl in Dim Room with Pill Bottle

A cute little girl of African-American appearance sits on a chair with a serious look

Sad Child Little Girl With Depressed Emotion

A young girl with a serious expression sits on a chair


Thoughtful Child Traveling By Car Looking Out Window Landscape Passing By Pensive Little Girl In Vehicle Backseat

Close-up of child holding teddy bear outdoors. Child's fear and safety concerns explored.


Pensive Little Girl In Car Backseat One Thoughtful Child Closeup Face Looking Out Vehicle Window Staring Blankly

Upset child with pillow comforts herself near glowing tent light in dim bedroom closeup slow motion

Silhouette Of Child Leaning On Glass With Hands And Face Feeling Sad Childhood Depression Concept One Little Girl Struggles With Mental Illness

Moody Little Girl Changing Emotion, Close Up portrait of African American child

Sad Little Girl With Contemplative Gaze Introspective 8 Year Old Child Close Up Face Stands Outside At Park During Sunset In Backlight Pensive Thoughtful Expression

Lonely girl hugging pillow in dimly lit room, feeling sad and isolated

Anxious child struggles with bedtime

Melancholic little girl staring at view from bus seat, close-up face of contemplative child daydreaming, sad depressed expression

Young child in white shirt daydreaming while doing homework at home

Lonely girl with teddy bear, childhood struggles.

Thoughtful female character animation


Kid rides in car on gloomy rainy day. Little girl expresses negative emotions looking at rain sprays at road trip. Unwanted sad travel