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Fireworks 2024 Happy New Year dark night sky background on black background. 4K.

order now icon motion graphics animation with alpha channel, transparent background, ProRes 444

Happy girl holding mobile phone in sunlight closeup. Teenager in love getting message on social media

Asian man asking person to come over, encouraging people to get closer while he is standing against full body greenscreen. Adult in casual

Person trying to get cat on legs 4K

bell Button Get Notified loop Animation video transparent background with alpha channel.

OSAKA, JAPAN - MARCH 2015: Toy vending machine in Japan, capsule toy


Labrador enthusiastically jumps into pool to catch tennis ball Dog excitedly chases ball, which bounces merrily on surface water Fun ball

Are You Ready! Text with Glitch Pixel Screen Animation: VHS Vignetted Capture Effect, TV Screen Noise Glitch, and Transition Effect for Video Editing

The girl was disgusted. Hold your nose so you don't get an unpleasant stench.

Email incoming, flying in and open message motion graphic animation video

START text with glitch background concept for video games screen. START Retro text effects with glitch background


Female therapist make back to woman patient in spa cabinet. Lady client get procedure in beauty clinic. Professional relaxing back in

Two Red Fox pups sitting outside of their den as they get comfortable.

HD version - Large crocodile finishing to eat its prey and another reptile is late to get some meat

Angry Pomeranian dog

Speedometer going to max speed through the gears and limiting at 160mph - vibrating as it get faster.

Epic skateboarding fail video. Skateboarder guy try to perform kick flip on skateboard, fails crushes and falls on ground. Concept fall, get up and try again

Man Lets Go Red Balloon In To The Blue Sky

White Cat Sitting on Table and Wants to Get Into Big Box.

Young women running into ocean at sunset. In slow motion, friends in waves on tropical beach.

Happy young woman laughing at funny joke.

A confetti-like texture for compositing over your footage to get a grunge style or old-film look. Please see my large collection of film textures and effects for more clips like this.

Commuting on Bike in the City: Urban Green Mobility & Transportation

Students legs leaving school bus close up. Unrecognized children get down vehicle stairs. Diverse elementary age pupils going downstairs schoolbus. Safety warning sign placed on black stairway.

Excited Handsome Young Man Holding Mobile Walking Outdoors Reading Email on Smartphone with Good News. Guy Happily Celebrating Winning in

Man holding gift box and pointing on it. Green Chroma Key background. Get your bonus concept.

Cheerful businessman on green screen. Young man in formal wear invites you to dance on chroma key background. Let's dance concept.

SAN FRANCISCO - Circa October, 2014 - Two people fill out forms to get a free HIV test outside on Castro Street in San Francisco.

Get your flu shot

Baby cat observe and get ready to jump close up

25 seconds of projected blank 8mm film with dust, scratches, hair, and various film-effect textures around the edges. Includes projector audio. Composite this over your footage to get an old film look.

A dirty film texture with dark and colored dust specks. Use the Multiply blending mode to composite this over your footage to get a grunge style or old-film look. Please see my large collection of film textures and effects for more clips like this.

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - SEPTEMBER 10, 2016: Close-up shot of a child taking bonus tickets from amusement machine after finishing the game

Active young woman doing bodyweight squats on exercise mat outdoors, getting fit and strong with lower body workout routine

Young man's joyful reaction to incredible news on laptop screen, celebrating success

A dynamic texture of paint and marker streaks. Composite over your footage with different blending modes for a grunge style or to get an old film look.

Silhouette of smoking man with burning cigarette.Silhouette of a man smoking a cigarette. He takes a drag, then lets out a puff of smoke that slowly dissipates. He is contemplating his life choices and addictions.

Young Beagle dog jumps for food from hand in living room

Slow motion close-up footage of feet get out of bad and hit the floor.

In a home setting, an orange tabby cat attempts to get a treat

Cheerful girl in romantic red dress admiring her reflection in mirror while getting ready for date at home

buy now icon motion graphics animation with alpha channel, transparent background, ProRes 444

Popping Popcorn Flying and Falling out of a red-white striped bucket motion graphic video. 4K Footage with Alpha Channel Pro Res 4444

Caucasian man rejoices at the received package on the sofa in the living room

Close-up wheel of SUV got stuk in mud and slips with splash of water and mud.

Excited 4 - 5 year old boy running to get an easter egg before another boy in slow motion

asian sick woman lying down inside blanket sheets using mobile phone, get online while having fever at home bedroom, cough soar throat symptoms, , corona virus covid-19, used tissue paper lying around