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A teenage girl is home-schooled. The girl counts a number on a calculator and writes the result in a notebook, close-Up.

Mother walking with her two children from school overhead view

Young man with a light beard and dark hair smiling outdoors in a fall jacket

Elementary school kids run from camera in school corridor

Empty playground swings at night


School students in hallway running with backpacks. Stock footage. Smile, fun and knowledge, happy young friends together outside with energy

Stuck behind a stopped school bus on a wintery morning.

Young woman with long dark hair tilting head and smiling at camera

Mother Getting Children Ready To Leave House For School


Preparation for the exam late at night. Stock footage. Concept of working late, studies, overworked student.

Professor teaching a student math/science in a college/high school classroom

Young adults enjoying time together outdoors with a smartphone

Dolly shot of a diverse young woman reading in a library

Family enjoying autumn park together, holding hands and running. Steadicam shot from behind.


Teenage Girl Reading Book in Bed at Night .education, school and people concept� teenage student girl reading book in bed at home at night

Young woman proud of achievements solving complex problem, giving thumbs up and pointing at blackboard

Joyful young woman with wavy hair, scarf, and sweater in outdoor portrait

8mm Vintage video of kids practicing football

Joyful children in school attire running outside their educational facility

neat schoolboys classmates in shirts do home task sitting back to back on green park lawn in late spring

Two students are late to the university

Caucasian businessman working late in the office and feel headache. Tired Freelancer have a problem with red eyes. Blue screen in night animation of numbers science formula

Shy young woman smiling and looking at the camera outdoors


Teenage Girl Reading Book in Bed at Night .education, school and people concept� teenage student girl reading book in bed at home at night

Two young women solving science problems on a blackboard in a classroom

Group of 5th grade school kids running in a school corridor

Children walking home from school

stadium lights at sunset

Side view tracking shot of joyful kid jumping running home after school on winter day outdoors. Wide shot portrait of happy confident cheerful Caucasian schoolboy with backpack returning after studies.

Close Up Mixed Race Child In Front Of Laptop Computer At Night

Little girl with backpack and textbook going hurrying to school. Attaractive schoolgirl with a backpack fun runs from school to home.

Playground swings at night with no one in park

Building Shilouette Fence Afternoon Time Lapse. Time lapse silhouette of a building through a chain-link fence on a late afternoon during sunrise. Rendered in UltraHD 4K from high resolution stills.

Girl engaged in self-education at home, close-up.

Smiling woman in her 20s or late teens putting a book on a shelf - close up

Elementary school kids run from camera in school corridor

Teenager Looking At Computer Screen At Night Browsing Internet Black African Ethnicity Teen Girl Studying 2

Empty swing at playground swaying in the wind 4k

Student video chatting in library with headphones

Little Schoolgirl Running From School After Classes, Portrait Of Charming Girl With Tablet In Hands

A charming young child yawns - closeup

Young woman sharing information with teacher and classmates in a classroom

Student Sleeping On Books Wakes Up Late For School

Up and coming professional running late for work

Young woman sharing latest mobile app or game with friends in a classroom setting

Tired woman sleeping over book and documents and waking up

One Little Schoolgirl With Backpack Going To School In Morning In Small Town, Rear View

Large group of friends in their early 20s or late teens sitting outside talking and having fun and laughing on a college or university campus