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Four scientists in white lab coats standing indoors and discussing project that black man showing on white board

Slow-motion shot of team of doctors in lab coats walking through hospital corridor and conversing

Medium shot of three chemists in lab coats studying samples with microscope when working in laboratory, woman writing down details

Follow shot of three engineers in lab coats, two men and one woman, inspecting industrial greenhouse complex

Group of three scientists in lab coats studying and discussing behavior of laboratory rats living in transparent cage, medium shot

A man and a woman in lab coats are working in a medical laboratory, conducting a blood test and using a microscope. They are talking sitting

Midsection of three doctors in sterile white lab coats gesticulating while walking along hospital corridor discussing patient medical card

Multiracial team of doctors wearing scrubs and lab coats listening to professor of medicine making speech during seminar

Scientist and interns conducting clinical experiment and discussing results

Close up handheld shot of three multi ethnic professionals in lab coats shaking hands when greeting each other in office

Medium shot of diverse medical team wearing scrubs and lab coats applauding to their adult Caucasian male chief physician while having conference meeting in modern office

Work in a medical laboratory. A man and a woman in lab coats are setting up a blood splitting machine and talking

Dolly shot of team of medical professionals wearing scrubs and lab coats standing in hospital corridor and smiling for camera

Tracking shot of diverse male and female IT specialists in lab coats using laptop and tablet and discussing work in data center

Three medical officer in lab coats in the laboratory, preparing equipment for procedures.

Mid-section shot of unrecognizable female and male biochemists in lab coats standing before whiteboard and pointing at chemical formulas while doing their research in laboratory

Waist up slowmo portrait of confident African American male scientist posing with hands folded standing between two diverse colleagues in lab, all wearing face masks and lab coats

Cinematic Medium Shot of Black Scientist Taking Goggles With Niece While Working On A Science Experiment

Full length shot of couple of doctors in white lab coats having conversation standing in modern hospital corridor

Tilt up shot of three chemists in lab coats discussing their research when working in laboratory, one studying specimen with microscope

Close up shot of two unrecognizable multi ethnic people in lab coats discussing documents and shaking hands when sitting at desk in office

Diverse botanists in lab coats examine seedling growth in vertical farm

Handheld tracking of African-American schoolgirl in lab coat looking into microscope in classroom while female teacher and two schoolkids conducting experiment

Medium slowmo portrait of multiethnic group of three scientists in white lab coats and face masks posing for camera in modern laboratory

African agronomists working together in lab coats with seedlings and soil sample

Good-looking industrious resolute diverse team of men and women doctors chemists in lab coats and sterile gloves discussing medical report and comparing datas with computer information

Pink-haired medical student and female intern with unique hands in lab coats, taking a break at work, chatting and enjoying hot drink in common room.

Medium shot of two ethnically diverse brewery technicians in lab coats making notes in checklist on digital tablet and clipboard and checking quality of equipment while standing by control stand

Professional female practitioners in lab coats sitting at desk with male colleagues and asking questions and discussing something with teacher during health seminar

Cropped shot of group of doctors in white lab coats clapping after listening lecture at open medical seminar

Low section of five unrecognizable doctors and nursing assistants in lab coats and sceubs walking along hospital

Kids waving goodbye to 6-year-old in spacesuit by cardboard rocket in living room

Medium shot of couple of diverse brewery masters in white lab coats checking texture, color and quality of freshly brewed beer in glass and taking down notes on digital tablet

Three male and female biologists in white lab coats with tablet and clipboard discussing new technology of cultivating vegetables. Coworkers

Medium shot of two multiethnic female doctors in white lab coats shaking hands after having conversation at workplace

Over the shoulder shot of multiethnic professional medical team in white lab coats examining patient x-ray image and making diagnosis, working together in contemporary clinic

Medium stab shot of two male and female lab scientists in white lab coats, face shields and masks having discussion at workplace while doing research

Handheld slowmo of group of happy kids running around cardboard rocket ship standing in center of living room. One boy is wearing spacesuit

Vertical cropped slowmo of two unrecognizable medical colleagues wearing white lab coats shaking hands in office

Top view slowmo of diverse schoolchildren and their African American teacher wearing lab coats and protective glasses making chemical experiments in class watching at lab smoke in flask with liquid

Medium shot of two ethnically diverse male scientists wearing lab coats and disposable gloves looking at digital tablet and having conversation while co-working on research in lab

Medium shot of two multiethnic electronics engineers in white lab coats coworking in dark secret laboratory with led light

Timelapse of workplace of modern clinician with laptop, microscope and group of test tubes with liquid substances against busy scientists in lab coats and protective masks working individually

Medium shot of multiracial team of scientists in lab coats and face masks looking at laptop screen and having discussion while working on research together in modern laboratory

Group of multiethnic computer engineers in lab coats repairing and assembling motherboards sitting in row at factory

Chest up of two diverse male and female chemists wearing white lab coats and safety glasses looking at evaporating substance in measuring cup and having discussion

Medium shot of micro-brewery staff in lab coats having conversation while standing by control stand and inspecting brew machine equipment

Medium shot of two ethnically diverse brewery workers in lab coats smelling and tasting freshly brewed beer poured in glass from fermenter tank