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Child Jumping In Swimming Pool Water

A man jumping into turquoise water of the lagoon.

Young Boy Jumping Into Swimming Pool Water 4

Splashes large strong waves on pier against background of bright blue sky on spring sunny day slow motion. Approaching wave with splashes of water. Strength and power of breaking wave on pier. Splash

Diverse group of friends having fun jumping into a swimming pool


Children In Home Backyard Garden Playing, Kid Running And Jumping Into Swimming Pool Water, follow shot

Water skiing riders on the lake surface

Kids playing in sprinkler, slow motion

Woman in swimsuit enjoying a refreshing swim

Energetic Youth Dancing and Celebrating

Friends enjoying sunrise at pier, jumping into sea (slow motion)

Joyful Young Woman Dancing on the Beach at Sunset

Friends jumping into river at sunset


Side view of Young Boy Running through garden towards swimming pool and Jumping Into Water

Young woman enjoying a sunny day, jumping in pool (4k)

Adrenaline-Fueled Cliff Jumping - Impressive Back Flip

Man jumping in the river with waterfall slow mo

Young man jumping off rope swing into river with friends cheering, in slow motion

Teenage girl enjoying playfully in sea waves. Happy female is swimming in ocean against sky. She is having fun during summer vacation.

Child In Rain Boots Leaping Joyfully In Puddle With Ultra Slow Motion Capture Nostalgic Childhood Concept


Father And Son Running At Lake Pier And Jumping Into Water People Diving


Happy Child Boy Running And Jumping Inside Pool Water

Man performing impressive jump from sea pier at sunrise, in super slow motion

View from the top as a man jumping and dives into the pool and swims under the water

Playful happy girl running on foamy sea waves enjoying cloudy summer weekend. woman jumping on sand beach washed by stormy water. Joyful slim lady have fun at seashore in swimsuit.

Kids Running And Jumping Into Lake

Underwater View: Happy Fun Group of Friends Jumping, Splashing and Playing in the Swimming Pool at a Pool Party on Sunny Day In Slow Motion.

Two boys jumping into pool in super slow motion

Diverse group of friends having fun jumping into a swimming pool

Top view of fish splashing in river water while breeding on farm. Avki Trout swimming in clear cold aqua, jumping to surface on summer day. Harvest and natural production for food industry. Concept

Happy Child Jumping Diving Into Swimming Pool Water 2

Mixed race man having fun jumping into a swimming pool

a girl on a boat touches the water and enjoys the day at the sea alongside the waves of the boat. concept of happiness, boat life and holidays in exotic places

Woman Enjoying a Refreshing Jump Off Bridge on Sunny Afternoon

Young friends jumping from a pier into the sea, in super slow motion

Man jumping in the river with waterfall slow mo


Child Running Outside In Home Backyard Garden And Jumping Into Swimming Pool Water

Close-up of joyful young friends diving into river on sunny day, in slow motion

Young girl cliff jumping in tropical sea, action camera follow shot, slow motion

Caucasian boy's joyful somersault into clear blue sea on summer vacation in Croatia. Healthy lifestyle and happy beach getaway.

ELLA, SRI LANKA - MARCH 2014: Slow motion of woman passing the river.

Natural landscape of mountainous river with a man jumping from stone to stone. Clip. First person shooting of male legs crossing fast

Four friends enjoying sunset, jumping off rope swing into river

Small boy Jumping Into outdoor Swimming Pool In Slow Motion


Follow shot of Young boy Running towards swimming pool and jumping into water In Backyard Garden In Slow Motion

Young friends jumping and doing tricks from a pier into the sea, in slow motion

Extreme Sports Jumping off a bridge flip

Boy jumping off dock into lake in super slow motion