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A man scratches pimples on his hand and leaves scratches, close-up. Allergy and atopic dermatitis

The girl in the greenhouse in the apron, itching from pollen plants. Allergic to flowers

Problem Skin of a Man

Scratching Body Itchy Arm from Allergies

Man scratching itchy reddened neck

Man checking hair baldness, concept image of worrying about hair loss, checking his skin in front of mirror


Scratches and pimples on the skin of a man's hand

A man scratches red pimples on his shins, close-up

Woman scratching her head

Itching in the chin. sensitive skin. Close up

Woman scratching foot while sitting on floor on mat. Female in multicolor leggings relaxing in yoga studio.

Red Blood Rash Spots On Skin Dengue Fever Symptom Mosquito Tropical Disease

Woman scratching her itching head

A man scratches his back with his hand, feeling a strong itch, close-up

Scratching Close Up


Red spot on a man's neck due to an allergy or insect bite, close-up

Perfect fresh skin

Hands rubbing eyes - slow motion

A man scratches red pimples on his legs, close-up

A man with redness on the skin of the neck and face, close-up. Dermatitis

A man scratches an allergic rash on his leg, close-up. Contact dermatitis

Scratching Arm Medical Condition and Allergies

Close-up of woman enjoying skin lifting massage for anti-aging at home

Baby Infant Mosquito Bites On Face After Scratching Child Bruises Due To Scratch Itching

Man scratching his feet due to itching, close-up

Hair of a woman with dandruff

Close up footage of man Damage burn skin sunburn on the seashore.

Female hip stretch marks on the skin

The girl in the greenhouse in the apron, itching from pollen plants. Allergic to flowers

Man scratching his feet with his hand, close-up

Stressed sad African American teenage girl itching on green screen. Portrait of ill unhappy teenager suffering symptoms of dermatitis or nerve disorder at chromakey background.

Man scratching his back with his hand, back view

Stay in the know

Hair care image with the top of the head in the middle of the camera, fear of baldness thinning the hair swirly

woman with dermatitis using healing lotion

Upset middle aged woman having rash, scratching her neck and head, frowning face, suffering from allergy attack

Food Allergy, Lot of red spots or rash on the skin all of a man hand body, allergic to weather, insects , effects of some type of medicine

close up traditional asian massage b roll man back with vacuum cups on the skin unrecognizable masseur at work

Dander that causes itching scalp

Man scratching his back with his hand, back view

Taking blood from vein

The girl in the greenhouse in the apron, itching from pollen plants. Allergic to flowers

Hand skin texture close-up. Arm surface macro shooting. Body and healthcare, hygiene and medicine concept.

Man checking his hair comb, male examining baldness concern , baldness in middle age unhealthy expressing his emotions on his face

Woman Enjoying Stone Therapy/ Female Receiving a Relaxing Massage Treatment

4k Asian woman scratching her leg, sit down on gray sofa in living room at home self legs massage, body part itching rash, allergy sign, lower body part, relaxing after work, tight shot. light skin.

Nervous person with dandruff, scratching their scalp. Irritation and itching.

Angry african american woman killing mosquito after bite. Black girl showing rage, anger and frustration for bug flying around her. Upset hispanic person needs repellent for summer insect