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Two friends walking on the road at sunset with a guitar.

Close-up of male and female Caucasian hands showing peace gesture with blurred hippies smiling and talking at the background. Relaxed 1960s pacifists enjoying sunny summer day outdoors.

Close-up of young woman with sunglasses smoking, with blurred person in background. Portrait of carefree individuals outdoors. Addiction and lifestyle concept.

A peace flag flies at a political rally in Washington D.C.

Young Musician Playing Classical Guitar Outdoors at Sunset

Young diverse individuals dancing to live guitar music in a summer tent

Group of positive hippies friends hitchhiking on sunny summer road. Happy relaxed Caucasian man and women travelling in 1960s. Backpackers enjoying trip outdoors.

Wide shot of carefree 1960s hippies walking along sunny summer road and talking. Positive Caucasian man and women travelling outdoors. Counterculture tourism concept.

The girl in a hat stands on a broken tree in an old forest with harmony in the soul feels the nature of the forest and its magical power.

Relaxed couple of Caucasian hippies sharing cigarettes outdoors. Portrait of relaxed man and woman smoking with blurred friend sitting at the background. 1960s retro lifestyle.

Close-up of three people making peace sign. Positive individuals expressing love and pacifism. Carefree youth and counterculture of the 1960s.

A sign at a huge political rally says Hey Listen.

Huge crowds at the Jon Stewart Stephen Colbert rally in Washington D.C.

Beautiful female hippies riding roller skates on rooftop

Back view of relaxed hippies walking in sunny summer park and talking. Wide shot of carefree Caucasian man and women strolling and talking outdoors. 1960s lifestyle concept.

Three joyful teenage girls dressed like hippies turning on music on retro recorded and riding away on quad skates outdoor at daytime

Occupy Crowd Passes Through

A Muslim woman holds up a sign imploring people not to call her a terrorist at the Jon Stewart rally in Washington DC.

Inspired Young People Drumming in the Field

Group of positive hippies showing peace gesture and smiling. Happy relaxed Caucasian friends sitting on green summer grass outdoors. Carefree man and women posing on sunny day in 1960s.

Cheerful friends playing games together. Group of young merry hippies applauding to male friend while sitting around table with block tower

Three cheerful relaxed friends clinking beer bottles and drinking refreshing alcohol. Group of carefree 1960s hippies resting outdoors on sunny summer day. Live camera.

Group of friends enjoying playing music and cooking over campfire at camping in mountains

Young activists promoting peace, love, and veganism in the 1960s

Cheerful old friends having fun together in old town.

Two men playing guitars during rehearsal

Woman playing tambourine outdoors

People at a political rally hold up signs urging the country to move forward.

Positive couple of hippies sitting on green summer meadow and talking as blurred woman playing ukulele at the background. Wide shot portrait of counterculture lovers chatting outdoors. 1960s concept.

Musician playing electric guitar during rehearsal

Happy hippies having lunch together. Top view of group of friends talking and eating noodles with chopsticks while sitting at wooden table

Relaxed couple enjoying music and conversation outdoors

A sign at a political rally implores people to please be civil.

Hippies playing score four game. Young man thinking over move while playing score four game with girlfriend during meeting on weekend day

Hippies spending weekend day together. Zoom in tilt down view of bearded barefoot man standing on balance board near dancing friends while

A man holds up a sign saying legalize whatever Christine O'Donnell is on at the Jon Stewart rally.

Portrait of diverse couple enjoying autumn park together

Content woman with hand in mountains

Portrait of two relaxed joyful female hippies in sunglasses walking outdoors in sunlight, playing ukulele, and singing. Laughing Caucasian women enjoying leisure outdoors in 1960s.

Group of joyful relaxed hippies friends spinning and jumping on sunny summer day outdoors. Three carefree Caucasian 1960s man and women having fun. Vintage lifestyle and counterculture.

Huge crowds mill about at a political protest in Washington D.C.

1960s couple with ribbons, outdoors. Unity and support concept. Lifestyle and counterculture.

Protestors at a rally hold signs urging Jesus to protect them from his followers.

A man holds up an American flag with a peace sign on it at a political rally in Washington D.C.

Two girls hold signs announcing they are in favor of masturbation, marijuana, mosques and gay marriage.

Thousands of protestors applaud en masse on the Washington mall.

Portrait of concentrated goth woman messaging online on laptop with blurred man using smartphone and unrecognizable guy passing at background. Caucasian hippies sitting on urban stairs.

A blank sign is held up at a rally on which you can put your own slogan.