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Sad Child Upset Little Girl Emotionally Unhappy

Thoughtful businesswoman reading news portrait. Worried sad woman thinking problem solution closeup. Serious girl purses lips considering issues alone. Pensive female person making hard decision

Sad woman sitting alone in a empty room

Portrait of a Thoughtful Young Business Woman, Reflecting on Emotions Outdoors. Exploring Loneliness and Inner Struggles. Female Mental Health


Lonely young woman looks out night window. Media. Young woman sits on window and looks sadly at night city. Woman with depression sits alone

Sad Child Suffering From Depression Pensive Little Girl

Sad African American girl sitting on bed holding head with hands. Upset teenager spending time alone at home. Shooting through doorway.

Side view of mixed-race schoolgirl sitting alone on the floor in corridor at school 4k

Troubled Child Sad Kid Depressed Little Girl

a high school teenager crying and down was lamenting his fate after being bullied by a group of students

One Pensive Woman Thinking Deeply Thoughtful 30 S Person Preoccupied Girl

a Muslim woman is sad and alone at a front desk

Unhappy Child Crossing Arms Feeling Sad

Sad Worried Caucasian Woman Having Psychological Problem Feeling Anxiety Depression,Sitting on Couch at Home. Upset Lonely Girl Thinking of Grief Troubled, Unwanted Pregnancy concept, Close Up View

a high school teenager crying and down was lamenting his fate after being bullied by a group of students


Young Hispanic Woman Becoming Serious, Girl Changing Mood From Happy To Serious, Looking To Camera

Close-up of a melancholic young woman gazing at the camera

Sad girl on the river bank

Tired girl sitting on the floor with unhappy face

Thinking woman considering answer resting on couch in living room closeup. Frustrated girlfriend freelancer taking smartphone to send message reply in social media app. Relationship crisis concept.

One Thoughtful Woman Thinking Deeply About Problem At Home Looking Out Window Close Up Face Of A Pensive Female Person Suffering Alone

Sad Black Girl Suffering From Depression Sitting In Bed Feeling Worry And Regret 2

Sad Young Woman Near Office Building. Girl Struggling with Emotions, Relationship Challenges. People Issue.

a Muslim woman is sad and alone at a front desk

Sad girl crying bed at night. Frustrated sleepless woman grieving suffering from anxiety mental breakdown. Depressed female getting divorce

Depressed Asian teen girl hugging knees sitting on bench outdoors on Christmas night. Portrait of frustrated lonely teenager thinking on urban city street with New Year illumination at background.

Close Up Of Girl Eyes Looking To Horizon With Breeze Young Pensive Brunette Woman Thinking About Life Admiring View

Thoughtful Little Girl Thinking Mixed Race Child Face Close Up 2

Stressed woman crying workroom alone. Depressed professional failing project feeling helpless. Frustrated office manager get fired from good job. Upset person thinking marriage career problem


Young Woman Looking Out Car Window. Pensive Girl Daydreaming during trip at back seat of vehicle.

Closeup face sad pensive Black teen female suffer of loneliness

Distressed teen female sit on sofa look aside feel insecure

Thoughtful woman working from home

Sad girl thinking about something while sitting by the river

Silhouette of depressed woman sitting on the sill and looking out the window

Silhouette Meditative Black Woman Praying During Hard Times

Thoughtful young woman in kitchen. Reflective girl at home. Lifestyle, emotional well-being concept.

an Asian woman looks lost in thought while holding a smartphone in her hand in a room

Upset woman sitting in stairwell thinking 4k

Thoughtful Child: Exploring Emotions at Home

Frustrated woman sitting against school locker

A Contemplative Young Hispanic Woman Standing By Window Thinking A Pensive Latin Girl In Monochromatic

Closeup sad businesswoman face focusing on job. Portrait of female manager thinking at office. Thoughtful business woman working indoors. Portrait of serious lady finding solution at home office

Depressed director suffering alone at coworking closeup. Stressed businesswoman getting fired after failing project. Upset person thinking marriage career problems. Grieved manager feeling helpless

Lonely woman reflecting in bedroom, deep in thought

Unexpected happiness of a young person. Person extending their hand to another, they smile and go together.

Young child in white shirt daydreaming while doing homework at home

Worried Young Woman Walks on Street Shaking Head In Disbelief