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Slow motion locked-down rear view of silhouettes of four men in black suits confidently walking away from camera towards exit of parking lot.

Teen boy pressured to hide gun

People walking down dark alley street

Without face footage of unrecognizable mafia members in leather jackets meeting with other gangsters transferring money in metal briefcase standing in dark underground parking

group of people walking. slow motion. feet foots. team. gang. urban lief stile


Hispanic Latin Bad Boy Guy Walking Outside Towards Camera

Three criminals walking with bats in the underground parking to gangster standing with metal briefcase and waiting for them

Gangsters Smoking At Poker Table

Midsection of aggressive brutal street hooligan clapping with baseball bat on hand indoors. Violent mean thug with sport bat standing in figthing position, ready to attack in industrial foggy premises

1920s Gangsters Money Handoff In Hallway

Diverse gang of four talking while standing under city bridge together at daytime

Full length shot of three African American mates and their Caucasian male friend smoking cigarette standing in street at daytime and chatting

Handheld shot of confident gang of African American males in chains and oversized shirts walking in city outdoors

Closeup of unrecognizable male hands of criminal taking briefcase with stacks of money exchanging for prohibited items

Gang Of Drug Dealers Standing On Street Corner

Slowmo tracking shot of silhouette of unrecognizable criminal standing in dark industrial space while car with two masked terrorists driving towards him One of them is exiting car

Group of Young Individuals in Urban Environment Enjoying Beverages

Four gangsters in black suits and sunglasses walking towards the camera in slow motion

At a crime scene or accident, police and emergency vehicles with flashing red and blue lights are captured in a blurred left-to-right pan

A top view of group of teenagers gang standing indoors in abandoned building, greeting.

Portrait of brutal African American gangster refreshing gun looking at camera with his armed criminal gang standing at background at isolated parking lot

Portrait of brutal middle aged Asian criminal in black clothes taking off balaclava looking at camera fiercely while his multi ethnic gang standing in background

Slowmo medium arc shot of one squad of criminals with metal briefcase approaching to another gangsters transferring money in silence looking fiercely at underground parking

Medium portrait of three cool African American mates and their one Caucasian dude all wearing baggy hipster clothes, chains and rap caps posing for camera in urban environment

Tilting up footage of gangster leader with squad carrying metal briefcase walking to other multi ethnic mobsters ready for making deal at underground parking

Violent People Arguing And Fighting For Drugs Crime And Violence

Portrait dolly-in shot of three armed terrorists in balaclavas posing for camera in their hideout

5-Group Of Teenagers Boy Refusing To Smoke E-cig

Shooting Automatic Gun on Backdrop 1

Street hooligan in black mask with baseball bat on criminal street district looking to camera

Hooligan in black mask and hood with baseball bat leaning back on brick wall

Extreme close up of tattooed businessman hands

Portrait of brutal caucasian bearded mobster in leather gloves and jacket taking off black sunglasses looking seriously at camera with gang standing in background

People traffic in the evening street

Young people socializing in a dimly lit room. Friends engaging in substance use and one person experiencing an overdose.

Closeup of opened metal briefcase with drugs wrapped in yellow duct tape in criminal hands at dark background

Teenage boy attacked by thug indoors in abandoned building, gang violence and bullying concept.

Medium footage of male caucasian criminal carrying dark gym bag with money taking off black sunglasses standing at isolated underground parking ahead his criminal gang

Handheld shot of two African American dudes in streetwear rapping at camera in street

Back-view full shot of two assertive multi ethnic criminal gangs meeting in dark isolated underground parking lot for money transferring armed with guns

Medium closeup of multi ethnic mobsters at underground parking armed with guns fighting and swearing while leaders aiming pistols at each other looking angrily

VENICE, ITALY - FEBRUARY 18, 2015: Urban scene with crowded street. People passing by the shops and McDonadald's advertising panel

Cropped shot of unrecognizable Black men exchanging cash for weed by handshake while standing near black car on parking lot

Sequence of shots of assertive multi-ethnic criminals armed with handguns meeting at dark underground parking for transmitting briefcase with stacks of money

Group of Young Individuals Engaging in Activities

People running with flags and signs with burning car in the background. Strike Car Crowd People .Strike Car Crowd People Strike Car Crowd People

Medium footage of two criminal squads in leather jackets exchanging metal briefcase with money for prohibited bag contents at underground parking lot

African American Junkie Buying Drug Dose From Hispanic Dealer Pusher