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Man elegant suit responds, with the phone high technology with holography and augmented reality, to the doctor for treatment. Concept: immersive technology,futuristic medicine, congresses and meetings

Joyful woman experiencing virtual reality with VR goggles.

A man answers the wife who smiles and waves from the phone that appears in hologram clock futuristic and technological. Concept: holiday, communication,family, technology, augmented reality and future


Happy Man with Smartphone in Bed at Home . people, bedtime and rest concept happy smiling man with smartphone lying in bed at home

4K movement stabilized Close up of unrecognizable African American man holds tablet computer and using touch screen to browse a content

Man adjusting his smart watch 4k

Closeup man testing vr glasses program at office. Virtual reality headset freelancer moving invisible objects working in augmented reality.


Elegant woman using smartphone resting at fountain in weekend evening alone. Smiling girl student typing cell messaging online in urban park

An engineer uses a tablet with a holographic innovative application, to model and design and monitor a 3D model of an aircraft engine while on an automated robotic line at an aerospace factory

Gadget of the future with information about the planet and geolocation.

Close up female hands holding smartphone, using applications.

Young people taking photos with smartphones using flashlight

A robotic vacuum moving along white drawers in a smart house. 4K.


Close-up, hands of an unrecognizable middle-aged man using mobile phone outside on the street

Man in New Home: Working and Enjoying Coffee

Elderly Man Browsing on Smartphone in Armchair

Caucasian man on sofa with cyborg vacuuming in modern apartment. Male freelancer working on laptop at home.


Businessman in formal style walking near office building and feeling excited while receiving great news on his smartphone.

Public transport. Woman in tram using smartphone, side view, slow motion.

Girl sitting on couch, using banking app on smartphone and examining stock market chart on laptop while trading online at home

Teenager playing handheld console with smile walking urban area. Curly woman focused on portable controller display enjoying weekend stroll.


Close-up of senior working on laptop inside

African American florist in apron shooting video in flower store using phone. Gardener blogger using phone broadcasting live from floral shop

Happy young woman talking on smartphone during car trip


Friend Reaction Putting Hand In Mouth Looking At Smartphone Screen While Riding Taxi In Backseat Of Car

African American Woman Learning By Internet, Looking Online Webinar, Sitting With Laptop In Park

man using smartphone in public transport, closeup of hands swiping touchscreen, surfing internet and viewing news tape, passenger of ferryboat on Tagus river to Lisbon

Medium closeup of excites bearded senior man using virtual reality goggles indoors, turning his head and looking around

Unhappy, boring group of hipster friends using smart phone during resting in the pub, bar.

Young man giving virtual reality headset, Virtual reality mask.


System administrator monitoring server room, doing checkup, inputting data on tablet of needed fixes. IT support employee working in data


Close-up of middle aged male hands networking , scrolling and browsing social media content online using digital tablet while man working at home office in evening.


Young man lies on bed in the bedroom watching video, movie on smartphone


Handsome Man Talking on the Phone Standing on the Street at Night. Young Asian Man Is Busy with a Phone Call Outside. Technology and People


Young woman in plaid shirt spending lunch break in cafe surfing internet on smartphone

Young man holding phone with chroma key screen on the street in front of Chinese lantern close-up.


Close-up of man looking at camera making video call, welcome sign, isolated on blue background

Freelancer enjoying music while researching data for company project, doing tasks in personal home office overnight. Remote worker sitting


Portrait worried woman calling smartphone in cafeteria. Serious asian businesswoman hearing unsatisfying news by mobile phone call in cafe.


Warsaw, Poland - May 01, 2024 Customers enter store with wide selection of modern gadgets. Laptops smartphones tablets for every taste and

Futuristic Smart phone (phablet) with a transparent display in human hands. Concept actual future innovative ideas and best technologies humanity.


One Young Black Woman Using Cellphone Device Standing Up African American 20 S Person Holding Phone Engaged With Modern Technology


Caucasian male technician using laptop and discussing machinery with Black female coworker in industrial plant

Flour falling from hand in 4K slow motion. Close-up of making and prepares flour for homemade bakery

Using Laptop and Tablet PC with a Green Screen at the Desktop-Top View

Slow motion shot of a smartphone in female hands. Woman is writing a message on it.

Man doing car diagnostics with his laptop and digital tablet computer


Close Up Woman Hand Holding Cellphone Device Engaged With Modern Technology Person Reading Notification Of Phone