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Woman model poses wearing gold earrings with Pearls

4 K Close Up Shot Hands Of Man Scratching Skin Rash Dermatitis Psoriasis Patient Itchy Scratch Wound 014


Young Woman Shaking Head Not Wanting To Listen By Putting Fingers Inside Ears Muting Noise From Outside Stubborned Reaction Wanting To Ignore Warnings

Girl on summer green meadow in thick high grass. Female hand touches the tops of the ears in the rays of the sunset.

Black Woman Fingers In Ears Not Wanting To Listen

Young man covering ears, looking at camera

Lovely sweet girl posing in studio with fingers crossed and hoping to receive gifts for easter holiday celebration. Cheerful young child

Adjusting to Hearing Loss: Young Woman and Nurse with Hearing Aids

The girl in the petting zoo stroking the head of a sleeping white rabbit.

Silhouette of worried mentally unstable man in the shade, hears voices and closes ears with fingers

Young Lady Refusing To Listen Placing Fingers In Ears Muting External Noise Dismissive Gesture To Ignore Warnings In Black And White

Woman shouts angrily and man covers ears with fingers

Small cheerful kid posing with fingers crossed in studio, sitting at a table filled with easter festive ornaments. Young schoolgirl hoping

Farmer's Hand Touching Wheat Ears on Farmland

Close-up view of male hands holding the guitar and making repair. Musician man changing the string on instrument.

Joyful child covering ears playfully in sunlit room, close-up, slow motion

Right ear of middle aged caucasian man, close-up view. Problem of perception, deafness, human hear concept. The part of the body responsible for hearing and perceiving sounds.

Lively kitten with funny scary face close up

Male hand touching grass and playing with it

Man stroking the grass with his hand

hands like signals gesture animation

Angry Hispanic mom yelling at her teenage daughter who has her fingers in her ears not listening to her advice and what she has to say - gimbal shot

DJ Performing at a Nightclub. DJ showcasing talent at a party. Energetic and stylish, delivering great music!

A man counts completed tasks on his fingers, close-up

Man stroking the grass with his hand

Wheat ears in woman hand. Field on sunset or sunrise. Harvest. Concept.

Rock Band Playing In Colourful Studio 4

Closeup worried redhead woman putting fingers in ears on gray background. Portrait of angry female person making hand gestures indoors. Anxious girl looking at camera in studio.

Hand Touching Ears of Grass in Sun Beams. Slow Motion.

Young woman covering ears against blue background

Scary imp with bird on arm, moves it´s mouth and wobble

Frustrated woman plugging her ears with fingers

Woman walking in field, touching grass. Girl in red dress. Slow motion, steadicam shot.

Senior man with hearing difficulties. Man wearing a hearing aid. Mature man feeling tense, holding hand near ear. Man with hearing aid.

Woman with hearing loss. Nurse wearing a hearing aid. Tensed woman with fingers near ear. Woman with hearing aid.

an Asian woman is wearing expensive gold earrings in her ears while dressing up in front of the mirror

Wicked red hair girl looking at camera in studio. Closeup angry woman putting fingers in ears on gray background. Portrait of agitated female person shaking head indoors.

Black cat in kennel being pet by person 4k

A young man prepares for a haircut at a barbershop

A woman in a short dress, in a field of wheat, in the hands of ears.

Wild capuchin in trees in French Guiana

Brutal hipster enjoys listening to music in headphones

A man counts on his fingers

Ten finger method

stop the racism campaign with hands human up ,4k video animation

Lonely calm teenage girl is sitting in ears of wheat in summer sunset time

Person Not Wanting To Listen Putting Finger Inside Ears

CU: professional musician holds new acoustic guitar with brown body and metal strings in hands extreme close view