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Pregnant women showing bellies and female hands touching them, group of moms with expectant tummies in line, mothers during pregnancy. Maternity, motherhood, new life and fertility

Hand of embryologist with pipette during procedure for placing embryo in cryoprotectant. Petri dish with drops of cryoprotectant standing under microscope while specialist placing embryo in substance

Human embryonic stem cells molecular biochemistry research technology

Gynecologist and pregnant patient looking at ultrasonogram showing fetus

Disappointed Couple Sitting On Floor In Bathroom At Home With Negative Home Pregnancy Test


Embryologists Performing Artificial Egg Fertilization in Laboratory Setting

Tiny female baby rolls over in mother's abdomen. Baby in womb moves during ultrasound. 3D Screening, New Life, 30 Weeks of Life.

Close-up side view of female Caucasian hands holding affirmative pregnancy test. Blurred male hands at the background using tablet. Wife deciding how to tell husband about pregnancy.

family planning, medicine and healthcare concept - couple visiting doctor at fertility clinic


Embryologists Conducting Artificial Fertilization in Laboratory

Concerned Pregnant Woman Checking Pregnancy Test at Home

Laboratory Fertilization Of Eggs In IVF Treatment


Close-up of a hand touching a bronze statue detail. This action is a belief and the tourist rubs sculpture for good luck and for dreams come true.

Lap Bonding: Mother Interacting with Baby Infant on Lap, Capturing a Face Portrait

Lady hands pregnancy test holding at home closeup. Unknown woman looking positive result rejoicing in toilet room. Manicure fingers girl expecting kid standing at white place. Future maternity concept

Macro shooting of cryoprotectant liquid substance with embryo placed in it for cryopreservation before vitrification. Microbiological laboratory manipulation with human embryo for subsequent freezing

Female Reproductive System Anatomy

Pregnant Woman Having 4D Ultrasound Scan With Partner


Embryologist Fertilizing Human Egg in Laboratory Setting

Consultation with a doctor. The woman on reception at the doctor talks about his ailments.

Belly of a pregnant woman

Male gynecologist consulting pregnant woman at clinic

Disappointed couple with woman with prosthetic arm sitting on bathroom floor with negative pregnancy test - shot in slow motion

Future Parents. Joyful Spouses Celebrating Positive Pregnancy Test and Embracing

Asian family couple speaking with female doctor while having consultation in fertility clinic


A middle-aged Woman consults a reproductive specialist in a hospital setting, discussing health and fertility options. Middle-Aged Woman

Pregnant Woman And Partner Having Ultrasound Scan

Procedure for placing cryoprotectant in petri dish standing under microscope on laboratory table. Laboratory manipulation of embryologist during preparation for cryopreservation of embryos

Rotating Fetus In Utero Close Up

Hieroglyphic carvings on the wall of the corridor of the ancient Egyptian temple of Dendera

Close-up of filigree laboratory manipulation, moving of embryo from cryoprotectant to special medical tool for subsequent freezing. Specialist using pipette to take embryo and place in liquid nitrogen


Embryologist Performing Artificial Fertilization in Laboratory

Couple discussing infertility issues at doctor's appointment

Pregnant woman in a front of the mirror strokes her belly

Female gynecologist checking fetal life with ultrasound scanner

Pregnancy test in women's hands

pregnancy, motherhood, people and expectation concept - happy pregnant woman touching her tummy in bed at home


Middle-Aged Couple Consulting With Reproductive Specialist At Hospital

Close-up pregnant woman gesturing heart shape on belly standing indoors. Unrecognizable happy Caucasian expectant enjoying pregnancy.

Positive pregnancy test in female hands. Woman holding positive pregnancy test result. Test pregnancy in woman hands


Middle-Aged Couple Consulting with Gynecologist in Hospital

Push in of a new father talking to his unborn child with his hand on his wife's pregnant belly

Pregnant Woman And Partner Having Ultrasound Scan

Midsection of lab assistant taking frozen ovum from reservoir with liquid nitrogen and placing in cryobank for storage and later use, cryotechnologies in embryology and reproductive medicine

Expectant Mother with Tiny Baby Shoes


A middle-aged couple consults with a gynecologist or reproductive specialist at a hospital, discussing healthcare options. Family, wellness

Planting seeds. Hand sowing wheat seeds. Male farmer with wheat seeds throwing to field at sunset. Sowing of wheat in the ground. Man farmer working in the field. Business agriculture concept.

Close Up Of Pregnant Woman And Partner Having Ultrasound