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Businessman with profit and sales results, evaluation

Diverse Business Consultation: Manager and Client Discuss Services and Products

Mentor and Trainee: Positive Feedback on Work Performance

Tilt up of unrecognizable male HR manager writing notes on clipboard as expressive Hispanic woman talking during job interview

Falling stock prices and data analysis in holographic infographics.

Working with data displayed on the holographic panel.


Real estate agent and client negotiating a rental agreement during an office tour, focusing on the architectural blueprints evaluation

Businessman in working process. High-angle shot

PAN of businessman in suit talking to unrecognizable people while women in professional clothing standing behind him and writing down information on clipboard

A happy group of office workers sit at a table and share among themselves, on the table laptops and papers in an office with large windows

female hands filling checklist and answering with no

Five stars and thumbs up rating review on black alpha channel background. Approving feedback with glittering silver and golden stars and thumb up symbols

Satisfaction level evaluation with emoticons and arrow. Animated red, yellow and green levels with emoticons and moving arrow on black alpha channel 4k background


Close-up of a girl with red hair in a red t-shirt petting her yellow corgi dog in the veterinarian office

team of asian business people meeting in office discussing proposal

Close-up shot: A professional psychologist records the words of LGBT group therapy participants. Video filmed in high quality

A trader monitors the growth of Solana.

Stock exchange data moves in imaginary.


Manager inspecting server room equipment, walking between supercomputers. Supervisor doing evaluation of data center location, checking

Close-up of hand of unrecognizable person signing a document by ballpoint pen, concluding contract

Collaborative Learning and Innovation in the Workplace. Cohesive Teamwork as a Path to Success

Collaborative Presentation: Innovative Project Development in Action

Frustrated man discussing with therapist


Assessment and evaluation inscription on white background. Graphic presentation on mobile phone screen. Education concept


A middle-aged couple consults with a gynecologist or reproductive specialist at a hospital, discussing healthcare options.

Infographics of falling stock quotes of the dollar.

A man monitors the growth of bitcoin quotes on a virtual panel.

Trader data on the dollar exchange rate.

Abstract business infographic data elements

Timelapse of working with a laptop computer, typing, analysis


Real estate agent and client negotiating a rental agreement during an office tour, focusing on the architectural blueprints evaluation

Shooting up close: Office workers pass each other sheets of paper with their projects. A girl in a light brown shirt shows work on paper to


A goldsmith sorts precious stones of high value, catalogs them to make precious jewels in diamond.

2021-09-23 - Mariupol, Ukrane. Magma factory. 3D model on screen, complex partfinite element method, stress visualization, dynamic

Arrival at the Scene: The Captain Assessing the Situation While Seated on the Truck's Stairs, Gathering Himself before Equipping for the Challenge Ahead

Falling yen quotes on the background of a laptop in the office.

Trader working on a laptop with euro exchange rate charts.


Close up view of businessman holding tablet with stock Exchange trader data on screen.

Cross-cultural Collaboration: Asian Girl and Multinational Team Celebrate Office Success

An African American teacher teaches a group of children English by playing with them. School for Children, Teaching Adolescents, Gain Knowledge, Learn the Language.

Focused Executive Reviewing Documents Outdoors

A group of office workers sit at a table and show the manager guy in a white shirt their projects on paper. Team work at a table in an


Engineer inspecting server room hardware, walking between supercomputers. IT professional supervising data center workplace, checking

Businessman holding a gadget with infographics of euro quotes.

Man putting gemstone into the jewelry item


Sports inscription on light background with dark blue and red stripes and Number One symbol. Sports concept


portrait of a confident male manager with gray hair in a black white suit looking at notes on his tablet and posing in a modern car showroom

A goldsmith in jewelry checks the quality of luxury brilliant diamonds. The diamonds of high calib