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Farmer examines dry field. Person with tablet searching for water. Agriculture challenges. Cracked earth. Drought and global warming concerns.

Moving over the dry crack landscape from the drought in Utah in the hot summer.

Cracked Clay Mud Dust Pan of Dry River Bed

Surface of Mars. Aerial view

Vast sand dunes stretching towards majestic mountains in the distance

cracked ground dry land during the dry season

Climate Change Drought: Cracked Mud from Environmental Impact

Lake bed drying up due to drought. Climate change, water crisis, or nature disaster concept. Summer desert. Water shortages.

Soil erosion in the gorge. Destruction of rock by a glacier. Soil erosion on steep mountain slopes

DOLLY SHOT. In the frame there is a land with dry cracked ground and volcano mud spread around. Panoramic view. Blue sky on background

Aerial of red sand dunes in the Namib desert

Aerial view of cracks in the dry desert in Utah looking down at the sand.

View of tumbleweed on dried cracked mud in waterhole that has dried up from the summer heat in the Utah desert.

Aerial view of rock formations in Paria, Utah, United States.

Panning over dry cracked sandy desert in Utah as clouds move through the sky in time lapse.

Panning over dry cracked earth in the desert Salt Flats in Utah as storm moves in the distance.


Aerial view greenery patch amidst arid dunes. Isolated rugged texture of wilderness contrast with smoothness of surrounding untouched sand

Barren land. Yellow soil with cracks

White Sands New Mexico Sunrise Time Lapse 02

Aerial view of a dry lake with few green plants growing from deep cracks. Dried soil texture, concept of global warming and drought.

Footprints on the red sand in Wadi Rum desert, also known as The Valley of Moon, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

A solitary tree standing tall in the barren desert landscape

Sunset in Wadi Rum desert, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Amazing scenery of Wadi Rum desert in Jordan, also known as The Valley of Moon

Lifeless desert land dry lake bed with cracked ground. Drought and crisis environment. Global warming. Waterless soil due lack of moisture

Closeup of Green Vegetation in Desert Field 3

A solitary tree branch emerging from the sandy desert landscape

Dried and cracked land slow motion pan video dried leaves rolling on soil

Barren and drought land

Riverbed Stones Rocks Soil Nature Landscape Scenery

Earthquake, cracked ground begins to shake

Dried up lake, aerial view

Drone flying over dry sandstone desert towards amazing flat top mountain and clear blue sky in American national park.

Organic back soil in garden for organic plant grow. Agriculture preparation. Ground surface field for farming. Farm background

Drying lake bed due to climate change and drought. Water crisis and nature concept. Summer desert.

Drone rising above massive cliffs in Monuments Valley in Arizona revealing incredible endless vast open spaces of desert

Rare dry bushes in the middle of desert. Shot. Panoramic view of the desert valley with thorns dusty background. Dry soil with thorns and

Aerial View Of Autumn Forest And Arid Desert Area, Drone Flying Forward Over Brown Landscape

Aerial view of a dry lake bottom with deeply cracked soil and a small water spring. Video. Unusual texture with many cracks in the ground

Barren and drought land

A tall stone pillar standing alone in the vast desert landscape

Dried And Cracked Desert Floor In Utahs West Desert

Cracked Clay Mud Dust Pan of Dry River Bed

Death Valley Dried Lake Bed


Aerial view of the abandoned plane wreck in the beautiful and rugged landscape of Iceland, near the Yoda Cave.

Fissures in the cracked hard crust layer on the dried soil surface

A vast desert landscape with majestic mountains in the distance


Sand dunes serene desert in aerial view. Texture tranquility dominate landscape showcase nature simplicity. Topview of stark rugged terrain

Aerial view flying down towards truck on dirt road in the middle of nowhere in the Utah desert moving to the dry cracked sand.