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Pomeranian dog take bath

Dog being bathed, slow motion. Bernese mountain dog, bathroom.

Professional cat care in a grooming salon

Man rinsing off a large black Great Dane with a hand sprayer in slow motion while inside a huge bathtub.

Professional cleaning poodle with foam wash. Female groomer bathing dog in tub. She is taking care of canine at pet spa.

Dog Bath 4 K Graded V 1 0008

Dog Grooming at Pet Store: Employee Giving Canine Companion a Bath

dog in the spa salon after washing

Adorable dog in bathtub, wrapped in towel, at zoo salon

bathing dog with flea shampoo, owner or groomer is washing dog in bathtub, pouring from shower

top view caucasian guy with pet in spa

Professional grooming for a husky dog in a grooming salon


Professional Groomer in apron washing nervous poodle dog with shower hose at pet spa close up.

Man's best friend looks at his owner, yawns and then looks at the camera while the owner is laughing all while giving the dog a bath in a bathtub.

washing dog in grooming salon of veterinary center, funny black and white husky is bathing in bathroom

Cute Yorkshire Terrier in Bath at Grooming Salon: Hygienic Care for Dogs

A large domesticated coonhound dog drinks from an outside backyard household hose in slow motion. Shot at 144fps.


Woman washing dog in shower

Dog Bath 4 K Graded V 1 0032

Dog Shaking Water After Bath In Super Slow Motion Pet Drying Himself After Swimming At Lake

woman washing her dog's hair


Owner bathes his small dog

Steadicam shot of a middle aged man enjoying giving his great dane a dog bath using a hand sprayer and rinsing her feet and body.


Groomer soaping dog's head in shower

A young man drying off his great dane dog after a bath in a large bathtub in slow motion.

Hands washing adorable dog. Maltese getting bath. Dog hygiene basics.

American Staffordshire terrier swimming in a lake

KENYA, KISUMU - MAY 20, 2017: Caucasian and African children having fun with dog together, hose with water.

Drenched Golden Retriever in Pet Shop Bath: Up-Close and Personal

Adorable puppy wrapped in towel, post-grooming at pet salon. Professional care for your furry friend.

Cute poodle licking female groomer after bath. Professional woman is holding wet dog wrapped in towel at spa. She is taking care of canine

Female dries fur of wet cocker spaniel after shower

A middle aged man and a large Great Dane dog look at each other while the dog is getting a bath in slow motion

black zwergpinscher is bathing in bathroom in home or in grooming salon, washing dog by shower

Pampered Pup: Drying Shih Tzu's Fur Post-Bath at Pet Shop Grooming

bathing dog in zoosalon, groomer is washing Alaskan Klee Kai dog by shower, caring about pets


Owner soaping dog's head in shower close up

Happy female employee of Small Pet Shop Local Business place showering Dog Pet with shower head. Woman giving a Canine Companion a bath

dog owner is washing zwergpinscher in bathroom, pouring dog by shower, calm doggie in bathtub

Black Labrador Being Washed Up

bathing white poodle in bathroom, groomer or owner is pouring dog from shower and shampooing hair

Close up slow motion shot of a middle aged man giving a large black dog a bath wearing a white tee shirt while enjoying spending time with his best friend and companion.


Funny wet dog in a shower

Close-up hand washing Dog Paw At Pet Shop. Washing Wet Golden Retriever, hygiene routine

Wet puppy leans on the bath and looks around

Adorable poodle in bathroom, owner or groomer bathing dog after walk

Humorous Bath Time with a Small Dog

A large domesticated coonhound dog drinks from a backyard household hose in slow motion. Shot at 144fps.