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Close up of man chopping wood with an axe. Lumberjack at work. Deforestation concept.

Transportation of logs to automated production line. Industrial equipment for wood processing. Feeding logs to conveyor. Conveyor for heavy timber logging. Log transporter

A machine for the collection of timber is moving through the woods


Apricot tree has been cut and felled. Felling is process of cutting down trees. Environmental conservation. Firewood pile

Ax Chopping Down The Branch On The Tree. Felled Wood. Wound On Tree. Deforestation.

Cones and needles on the ground in a pine forest

Man cutting tree with chainsaw in the forest. Process of cutting tree with chainsaw. Concept of illegal deforestation.

Foresters felling trees in the forest. View of falling pine tree in the forest close up. Deforestation concept.

A walk through a green pine forest

Cut the tree down falling in slow motion long shot 4K

seawall cutting the shore aerial top shot Atlantic ocean France Anglet

Large Clear Cut Forest

Slow motion footage of a person cutting some tree branches with his chainsaw

Crop gardener cutting grass with shears on lawn


Aerial view of tractor with implement to build ditches working in meadow, Netherlands

Flying over an endless Siberian pine forest

Lumberjack logger worker in protective gear cutting firewood timber tree in forest with chainsaw

Man with orange chainsaw cutting dry tree

Logs fallen trees lie on the ground a smooth panorama 4k video


A hand of a person picking and harvesting fresh green lime hanging on a tree with handheld movement.

Male hand with axe chopping wood in the forest

Lumberjack logger worker in protective gear cutting firewood timber tree in forest with chainsaw

Sawing boards from logs with band saw

Cutting Trees 03 Hd

Cutting Trees 02 Hd

Huge Pine Tree Crashes Onto Forest Floor

Construction & Landscaping Crews cut down tall old trees with heavy equipment

An endless green forest in the Siberian taiga

Slow motion 180fps: Closeup on Chainsaw cutting through a thick log with debris

Autumn colors. Maple tree with yellow leaves against the blue sky

Lumberjacks cutting tree in the forest 4k

A tourist chopping wood for a campfire with an axe in nature during a hiking trip in Finland. Adventure tourism. Camping equipment.

Fresh cut tree stump after cutting in rural outdoor. After tree has been cut and felled. Ecology concept, air pollution or global warming. Stumps show age-defining rings known as dendrochronology

Caucasian male hand touching area of pruned tree branch in orchard. Garden protection in spring. Seasonal twigs cutting.

Man sawing wood by chainsaw. Worker sawing chainsaw thick spruce. Professional lumberjack cutting big tree by chainsaw. Profession of lumberjack. Lumberjack cutting huge tree

Majestic Tree in Enchanting Forest

Overgrown train tracks cutting through a forest of evergreens at twilight

A group of chickens run to a feeder.

Lumberjack logger worker in protective gear cutting firewood timber tree in forest with chainsaw

Wooden logs Stacked

Cutting Trees 07 Hd

Forestry equipment making deforestation coniferous forest. Logging industry

Lumberjack cut down a tree which hit another tree in slow mov 4K

A man on a high tree sawing a chainsaw thin tree branches

Male logger chopping wood with an axe in the forest 4k

Man Working With Chainsaw

Dynamic Axe Cutting Wood

A crawler machine is collecting timber in the woods