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Portrait Of A Sad Tearful Woman Closeup Face With Preoccupied Expression


Spiritual Young Woman Closing And Opening Eyes To Sky Hope And Faith Macro Close Up Face Of Contemplative 20 S African Descent Gazing Upwards In Black And White

Close-up of emotional eyes, tear rolling down cheek. Expressing pain or sadness.

Eyes Shed Tears: Macro 4k Video


Women In Empathic Hug. Young Woman Consoling And Embracing Friend

One Sad Tearful Woman Crying Portrait Of A Depressed Person Close Up Face In Tears Real Life Authentic Emotion

Portrait Of A Troubled Woman Crying In Despair During Hard Times Closeup Face Of A Person Feeling Anxiety And Hopelessness Real Authentic Emotion

Couple quarrelling sitting on couch at home. Family conflicts, difficult relationships

In the toilet room, where the toilet and other sanitary devices are located, a woman sits on a floor toilet in clothes with a tired look and thinks about something. Women's problems and diarrhea.

Crying man's eye full of tears, close-up

Closeup of Eye with Tears 2

a high school teenager crying and down was lamenting his fate after being bullied by a group of students

Closeup portrait of adult woman with deep sorrowful blue eyes staring into the distance as mascara runs down her face. Upset depressed female looking at camera, tears and makeup running down her face.


Side closeup of crying young guy suffering from migraine, exhaustion, distress or failure sitting alone in dimly lit room in evening after hard day

Young woman with long hair puts tape on her mouth

Stressed Young Woman Using Napkins While Crying. News About War. Atmosphere of Depression, Relationship Problems, Death in the Family

Young woman applying hydrogelic serum cream on her face close-up. Morning skin care routine. Pink background

Young woman wiping away tears, expressing pain and sadness

Side view of woman sitting with girl on couch and talking. Daughter calming down mother at home. Family problems, unity, support.

Portrait Of A Depressed Woman Wiping Tears During Hard Times Close Up Of A Female Person Crying Suffering From Loss

Black woman plus size sad and wiping away tears

Two women in conversation, one gesturing with her hand, depicting a discussion or explanation.

Heartbroken woman suffering with depression

Supportive Friend Consoling Suffering Girl At Park Bench Depressed Young Woman Embraced By Empathic Companion

Upset woman with red hair crying while man yells

Strong emotional breakdown of an adult woman who read a message on the smartphone

A close up shot of a young woman feeling sad while watching rainstorm through window

Emotional woman wiping lipstick in the city at night

Violence against women


Portrait of two happy women in love. Asian girl kissing her girlfriend with a scar on her face. Body positive concept.

Medium shot of loving mother hugging her adult daughter and giving her emotional support at cafe while trying to hold back her tears


Two Women Hugging Each Other. Female Friends Compassion Support Embrace. Showing Empathy Reciprocity

Medium shot of emotional man crying while hugging his partner during psychotherapy group lesson while people in background hugging with each other

Depressed woman silhouette

Sad Girl Crying For Problems In Office Toilets With Friend

Kiev, Ukraine 25. 08. 2012. Tears of happiness. Woman burst into tears at the wedding ceremony. Girl looks dramatic film. She wipes a tear. Woman is crying at the wedding ceremony.

Young woman with scar on her face. Survivor of domestic violence. Distressed girl confronting her wound. Challenging family dynamics. Social issue.

A tired, frightened girl with abrasions in a bloody dress cries looking at the camera

Close-up portrait of crying Caucasian girl lying on mother's knees and talking. Teenage daughter sharing problems with mom. Trust, unity, communication.

Stressed Woman Wearing Nurses Uniform Sitting On Floor At Home Looking At ID Lanyard

Face disappointed woman in tears

08 Friends Helping Sad Woman Crying For Sadness And Problems

Medium shot of a pregnant woman crying while sitting on a hospital bed

Mature women enjoying social event or party with laughter

Upset pregnant woman crying on bed at home

Tears of joy on the face of a woman who uses a smartphone.

A young girl expresses emotions on a white background. A girl expresses sadness.

Emotional young woman in bedroom, alone and upset, dealing with stress and heartbreak