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Portrait Of A Troubled Woman Crying In Despair During Hard Times Closeup Face Of A Person Feeling Anxiety And Hopelessness Real Authentic Emotion

One Sad Tearful Woman Crying Portrait Of A Depressed Person Close Up Face In Tears Real Life Authentic Emotion

Portrait of anxious Senior Woman


Side closeup of African American woman sitting by bed at night and crying, failing to resign herself with loss of her child, experiencing traumatic memories

Tearful Child Crying After Getting Hurt One Little Boy Cries Upset Small Kid Portrait Face Closeup

Closeup of Eye with Tears 2

child boy cry, portrait, slow motion

Asian Mother Consoling Crying Baby Infant Embracing Good For Emotion.


Side closeup of crying young guy suffering from migraine, exhaustion, distress or failure sitting alone in dimly lit room in evening after hard day

Woman suffering with migraine during pregnancy

Portrait of a Muslim Mother with Hijab Comforting Her Crying Child - Parenthood Concept

Vertical closeup of unrecognizable caring mother calming one month old baby boy lying in her arms and crying

Asian Mother Consoling Crying Baby Infant Embracing Good For Emotion.

Elderly woman crying, close up. Eyes of an old woman full of tears

Toddler's tantrum during hair combing

a high school teenager crying in the bathroom after getting violence from his friend

Mother Caressing Crying Child close up

A tear flows down the cheek of an old woman, close-up. Grandma is crying, close-up

a woman who was crying in a kitchen while working


Portrait of baby boy crying while showering with his Mother close up


Mother calming Crying Toddler Boy in kitchen

Mother Consoling Crying Asian Newborn Baby

Candid Tearful Small Boy Listening To Mother Scold Him For Misbehaving Closeup Sad Child Face Learning Lesson Parent Education Concept Kid Head Nod Child Nodding

A person with fever sneezes and drinks hot beverage.

Tearful Crying Child Mother Consoling Sad Little Boy Kid In Crisis Cries

A woman is upset by the negative result of a pregnancy test

Cinematic shot of young peaceful mother cuddling on her arms and singing lullaby to her sick with fever toddler baby boy with red cheeks at home. Concept of health care,child care, illness,motherhood.

Baby Crying in the Arms of Mom

Close-up shot of 3-month-old biracial baby boy crying, and caring young Hispanic mother wiping his face and mouth, talking gently, cuddling, kissing and comforting him


Authentic close up shot of a newborn baby is crying during his mother is changing he on a bed.

Nurse giving blanked to the newborn baby holding by the mother .Woman is crying from happiness to hold her just born baby. Caucasian mom lies in bed holding a newborn on her chest and husbands sits beside. .Childbirth Hospital Newborn Infant


Baby Toddler Tantrum Crying Wanting Mother

Woman wiping tears of joy with her two other friends all over 60 laughing and having a great time together at a social event

an elderly woman is crying. An old woman's eye full of tears

Slow Motion Portrait of Young Happy Female USA Soldier Hugging and Kissing her Daughter After Returning Back Home From a Mission. Mother in Camouflage Military Uniform Showing Affection, Crying

Comforting Embrace: Mother Holding and Soothing Crying Newborn Baby

Adult son holding hand of hopelessly ill mother and crying

Mother is calming down infant. 5 month old crying Asian baby in mother's arms

A Loving Family: Comforting a Little Boy in a Difficult Situation

Medium close-up shot of African American mother with nose piercing holding fussy crying baby boy, rocking, cuddling and trying to soothe him, while caring for son during maternity leave

Mother And Crying Displeased baby At outdoor Swimming Pool

Newborn baby cries on the mothers hands

Medium shot of loving mother hugging her adult daughter and giving her emotional support at cafe while trying to hold back her tears


First Moments Of Life Newborn Crying On Mother'S Chest Right After Childbirth, Authentic Real Life Scene

Crop Virgin Mary carrying crying son of God in arms in dark inn stable in Bethlehem


Vertical shot of young African American woman with ptsd getting emotional and crying after sharing her feelings about loss of child and getting comforted during support group meeting

Vertical waist up of young Biracial woman calming crying baby, holding him carefully in his arms

A loving mother takes care of her newborn baby. Mom holding a crying baby in her arms. Mother hugs her little, newborn son.Mother Newborn Smiling Infant