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Construction site sunset, timelapse

An aerial view of a busy construction site on a dirty puddly ground. It is filled with construction cranes, multi storey building frames and metal beams. There is a misty urbanscape among leafless

Busy Roof Construction

Steadicam shot of skyline and cranes with construction workers

Zoom From Construction Zone Workers Time Lapse

Mature adult male construction worker carrying building materials over his shoulder on a job site

business people group on meeting and presentation in bright modern office with construction engineer architect and worker looking building model and blueprint plans 20s 4k.

Macro close up of quantity surveyors hand reviewing technical drawing. Architect working on blueprint. Construction concept. Engineering tools. Top view.

Urban development, construction of new homes. The view from the top of the construction site

Smoothing Newly Poured Concrete

inspector checking the slab leveling inside a home

Tilt up of Asian builder and female construction worker wearing hard hats and overalls standing in unfinished building and discussing documents with foreman

The development of new buildings, construction crane view from the top

Silhouette of an excavator that loads sand into a truck at sunset. Concept construction and heavy industry, machine will be used in heavy industry business. Slow motion footage.

excavator working on a construction site

Construction Cranes Time Lapse

Rotating low angle view of roof beams at a modern home construction site with blue sky and sunlight in the background

Worker using industrial grinder on metal parts in industrial workshop warehouse

Moscow,Russia 05.2016.Construction, workers poured concrete into the formwork.Dolly shot , valves in the foreground

People working in construction site. Portrait of happy men at work in new house inside apartment building. Professional workers looking and smiling at camera as co-workers and friends. Slow motion

Tracking shot of bearded male foreman in hard hat and orange safety vest holding walkie-talkie and discussing blueprint with Arab engineer and site manager

Electric engineers repairing power lines

Teamwork of construction engineers studying the plan of an object at a construction site.

From below engineers in helmets and vests standing near wind turbine and talking against blue sky on power station

Winter view of a building under construction.

Master builder looks at new construction site on the sunset. Worker in hard hat stands on project site and looks at new building structure, beautiful sun at background

Bulldozer Tractor Digging Foundation Construction Industry Work

Cranes and workers are working on construction site

Construction worker carrying scaffolding parts on a construction project

Architect offers the options of building area, colleagues do not agree with him. Three men and beautiful woman standing on a high floor of a building under construction, a team of architects and

Group of workers build house on sunset sky background.

4K Workers in vests showing boss something on tablet computer while standing outside with tall street lamps behind them and demonstrating with hands

Silhouette of an excavator that loads sand into a truck at sunset. Concept construction and heavy industry, machine will be used in heavy industry business. Slow motion footage.

Builders are constructing a multi-storey brick house in a cold winter. They are stacking bricks, using cement, spatulas

Construction worker on site with building plans, circling

Top view male hands laying out blueprints on the white table lit by the sun

Workers On Building Roof

Medium slow-motion portrait of female construction worker in blue coverall uniform clothes standing with hands folded at big warehouse with pallet racks looking at camera

Handsome african young builder in protective form with hard hat standing and looking at camera on the construction site holding arms crossed at night in unfinished room opposite four people of builder

Asphalt paver machine during road construction and repairing works on street in city

Drawings Of Constructions Theme

Aerial footage of a large construction site

Workers pouring concrete into large steel molds on a construction site

Construction worker or mason laying bricks and creating walls. Bricklayer laying bricks to make a wall. Building a cement block wall for a house.

People working in construction site. Men at work in new house inside apartment building. Team of professional manual workers using tools and equipment for profession and job

Group of workers build house on sunset sky background

Non identify Construction workers pour concrete mix from cement mixer.

animation showing a Technical Drawing of floor design being drawn with great detail and ready 3d model Of Industrial Buildings