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Candid Tearful Small Boy Listening To Mother Scold Him For Misbehaving Closeup Sad Child Face Learning Lesson Parent Education Concept Kid Head Nod Child Nodding

Crying baby. Baby tantrum. Toddler crying. Toddler seeking support. Crying baby.

child boy cry, portrait, slow motion

Tearful Child Crying After Getting Hurt One Little Boy Cries Upset Small Kid Portrait Face Closeup


Baby Infant Child Having A Tantrum Complaining. Toddler Boy Face Cries And Complains


Upset Child Crying One Small Boy Cries

Portrait of an upset young child. Emotional distress in children.

Portrait of a sorrowful and tearful young girl

Young child in distress


Cute Baby Complaining Crying Out Loud Wanting Attention. Toddler Yelling Opening Mouth

Child Boy Crying close-up ,Slow motion

Mother Calming Crying Baby Toddler Boy Affectionate Mom Holding Tearful Child

A caring parent comforts their child with toys in a cozy family moment


One Crying Little Toddler Child Cries Desperately Doing A Tantrum

Fearful Kid Suffering From Bullying And Trauma Sitting On Floor Covering Face Scared Child Remembering Trauma

Doll baby head burning

offended boy sits hiding in the corner

Closeup portrait of sleepy Asian baby crying in seat

Tender Tears: Sweet Adorable Cute Baby Infant in the Midst of Crying

A caring parent comforts their child with toys in a cozy family moment

Inceptive Tears: Newborn Infant's Initial Cries in First Days


Tired Little Boy Crying On Floor Having Tantrum

Sad Child Upset Little Girl Emotionally Unhappy

Asian Mother Consoling Crying Baby Infant Embracing Good For Emotion.

Anxious child struggles with bedtime


Upset Toddler boy crying In Shower during Bath close up 2

newborn baby crying in the bed

Newborn baby crying in bed

One Lonely Little Boy Sitting At Home Alone Feeling Upset Unhappy Child Waiting For Parents Child Thinking About Problems Suffering From Bad Relationship In Family Psychological Trauma Concept

Upset Child in Distress


Toddler Baby Holding On Mother's Leg Outside In Backyard garden

One Lonely Small Boy Sitting In The Dark Staring At Window Depressed Child In Bedroom Alone

Tired Little Girl Rubbing Eyes With Hands

Upset Child in Distress

One Sad Little Boy Tearful Child Feeling Displeased

Sad Toddler Cry On Mother Hands

Portrait of a young girl with expressive eyes feeling upset. Child's emotions and the importance of support.

Infant Baby Crying Three Month Old Toddler Frustration

Vertical closeup of unrecognizable caring mother calming one month old baby boy lying in her arms and crying

Concerned child peers through wooden grid of baby cradle in children's room closeup. Upset toddler hides in bed. Child experiences loneliness.

Child Witnessing Domestic Conflict

One Depressed Child Sitting In The Dark Lonely Little Boy On Floor Beside Window Silhouette Of Sad Bullied Kid

Close up view of upset Tearful little boy

Mother Consoling Crying Asian Newborn Baby

One Tired Child Rubbing Eyes With Hand

newborn baby crying. mother soothes

Upset child with pillow comforts herself near glowing tent light in dim bedroom closeup slow motion

Lonely child leans on tree trunk in dark forest. Little girl lost in night nature park during travel. Kid threatened by darkness and sounds