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Underwater View Of Koi Carp Or Japanese Fish Swimming In River Water

Raw carp is prinkling with olive oil for being grilled, preparations for the barbecue, cooking fish on the open fire, roasted fish, grill and barbecue, cooking outside

Fish Eating Fishfood Wide Shot

Stewing carp in a pan

Cleaning a large carp


Close-up of stuffing a fresh dorado fish with lemon, tomatoes, onions, and parsley, showcasing the preparation of a delicious stuffed fish dish.

Carp, sturgeon and gobies on the fish market. Morning catch of fish. Useful seafood.

Housewife is stuffing raw fish with fennel, carp fish on the board, cooking fish meals outdoors, seafood on the grill, barbecue and fire

Cleaning and scaling a large fresh carp fish

fisherman holds a carp in his hands

Woman feed koi fish in the garden

Colorful fancy carps or koi fishes swimming in a pond in a garden,

float (bobber) enters the lake next to the fish cluster. The fish swims near the bait, but does not peck. Close-up

fisherman holds a mirror carp in his hands.

Close-up of fish caught in hand. Confident fisherman showcasing catch outdoors. Leisure and lifestyle.

Fish Eating Fishfood Tight Shot


A freshly cooked baked fish with vegetables, beautifully plated and ready to be served on a portioned plate. Serving ready to eat dorado fish, close-up.

Slices of carp fish in paprika, raw fish, sea food meals, fish food, healthy cooking, using spices

Koi carp fish in a pond

Koi swimming in a pond near a dock.

Raw carp fish lies on the board in the greens outside, meals with fish, seafood dish, roasted and grilled fish, preparations for barbecue, grill and fire

Group of big black grown fishes swimming in pond and farm complex. Avki Crowd of many freshwater fish hungry catfish, snakehead, snake, trout. crystal clear blue water. concept aquaculture

A large carp freshly caught from the river lies on a boardwalk pier in the snow in winter.

Koi carp fish in a pond

Catfish are gracefully swimming around in shallow, clear water

Multicoloured Koi fish swimming graceful in a water of an garden, Colorful koi fish in the pond with dark coloured ground moving around

Close-up shot of carp fish with open mouths on the surface of the dark water

young fisherman holding two caught carp in his hands

Fish swims in lake - underwater Close-up footage.


Decorative pond in tropical villa with green water lilies and stone flower pot. Home fountain in yard of country house with plants and

Fresh carp are sold on the market. Delicious fresh fish. Useful seafood.

Hungry Perch many fish swim in freshwater lake in the zoo in summer, eating food slow motion close up top view

Koi swimming at the to of a pond near docks.


Fish dish, dorado. Fish baked in pita bread with vegetables in oven. Appetizing cooked fish. Baked fish.

Crucian carp lying on green grass catching air with mouth. Close-up top view freshwater fish outdoors in summer forest. Fishing catch concept.

A lot of fish (carp) in the lake. Searching of food. Close-up.

big siamese carp underwater


A group of bright orange and white koi fish swim in a clear pond under a small waterfall surrounded by rocks and green plants

Slow-motion video that captures a large group of carp fish opening their mouths

Koi carp fish in a pond


A cut fish filled with lemon, tomatoes, onions, and parsley, ready to be cooked to perfection for a delicious meal. Preparation of stuffed fish, dorado.

Graceful Koi Fish Swimming in a Serene Pond

carp fish caught by an angler are in a scoop net on grass.

Close-up of a male fisherman's hands removing a hook from a carp. Fishing in winter.

fisherman lays out a lot of caught carp fish in a pile on the grass

Fresh carp is sale on the fish market. Seafood at a local street market.

White japanese koi carp swims in the water close-up, top view

Freshwater fishes swimming in an aquarium, including carps, sturgeons, and common rudds in front.