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Woman tossing and turning in bed because she can't sleep next to a man who turns over in her bed at night

Clock and sleeping man on the background

Woman with dark hair experiencing a strong headache in bed. Brunette in blue pajamas struggles to sleep due to migraine.

Boy can't sleep due to insomnia

man cant sleep dolly movement

Close up shot of Modern white design window or skylight in a modern apartment, home interior.


Sleepless man lying and turning on bed at night

Worried, tired man sitting on bed at night and listening to music. Media. Young man can't sleep at night in a room with neon lighting.

Young Woman In Bed With Smartphone Woman Starring At Cellphone Device Before Going To Bed In 4 K 8

Man hits snooze on alarm clock

man can't sleep while wife sleeps

Struggling with Sleep: A Young Woman's Experience, 4K

Depressed young woman cannot sleep from insomnia. Nervous woman can't fall asleep lying in bed.

Anxious child struggles with bedtime

Flash FX Energy Elements And Transitions Motion Graphics Pack

man can't sleep jib movement

Portrait of woman blocking ears with the pillow while man snoring on bed. Adult unhappy woman can't sleep because her man is snoring at the bed. Problems with breathing concept

Timecode running on the professional vcr. Macro shot.

Late night snack part 1

Close up shot of young woman in bed browsing the Internet before sleep

Exhausted man falling asleep on bed

man can't sleep at night

A Man Wakes Up From Sleeping In A Hotel Room Late At Night

A woman who can't sleep has her wrist squeezed by a tendon fascia, causing wrist pain. Along with numbness in the thumb, index finger, middle finger, unable to grip. or hold things as they were before

Girl wakes up, stretches, and answers the phone

Top view of a man lying on bed and looking thoughtful. Media. Messy room and neon lighting.

woman can't sleep while husband sleeps

a man cant sleep at night

Elegant woman waking up in bed at home

Child peacefully sleeping with her teddy bear


The last night of the holiday

Person Prepares To Go To Bed And Sleep Man Lays Down In Bed And Turns Off Night Stand Besides Bed

Late night snack part 2

Late night snack part 3

Father Tucks in His Little Daughter

Close-up of a smiling face of an African-American child while playing with his mother lying on the couch at home

I think I´ll fall asleep

kiss emoji icon loop Animation video transparent background with alpha channel

Man is typing on smartphone while lying in bed. Concept. Young man can't sleep while waiting for message from beloved. Student in love

Morning of a Beautiful Bride Enjoying Coffee by the Window

Light Leaks Element 492


A man in bed use the phone to send messages or use social networks. Concept of: new generations, s

Woman praying to God with HOPE and FAITH in church. Close-up hands, religious girl in temple worshiping.

Top view of a man lying on bed and looking thoughtful. Media. Messy room and neon lighting.

Girl wakes up and looks in the phone message.