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beautiful romantic composition of herbal teas and tea while it is being poured on an old wooden cutting board with spice in the background and a fireplace

Green tea is poured in slow motion from a white ceramic teapot. Traditional tea drinking on the bank of a mountain river. Green tea is a useful antioxidant for restoring health and energy.

Candid Image: Young Couple with Dog in Coffee Shop, Minsk, Belarus

Two young Muslim women in an airport cafe enjoying conversation and coffee

Motorcycle Traffic Pass Through Old Town, Hanoi Vietnam 4K


Young woman in a bucket hat writing in a notebook at a cozy cafe.

Group of friends takes small cups drinking beverage in cafe

Paris, France, June 2022. Vibrant Nightlife in Beautiful Paris. Café Scene in Historic Center.

Tables of outdoor Restaurant In City Street 2

People are sitting at the Tables of Street Restaurant in Latin Quarter, Paris

CHICAGO, USA - JANUARY 27, 2021: Table Temporarily Closed Sign in Starbucks Cafe During Coronavirus Pandemic. Take-Away and Outdoor Dining. View From outside through a Window. Reflection of Cars.


A cup of cappuccino on a wooden table with a spoon on the side on a sunny day outdoors.

Close-up of person savoring a sip of espresso from a porcelain cup outdoors. Coffee appreciation

Close up of porcelain mug of white and golden colors standing on the table with hot tea. Stock footage. Hot water is poured into a ceramic

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA - AUGUST 4TH 2017: tourists in the old city streets


Close-up of a coffee cup with latte art placed on a wooden table background. International coffee day.

Annecy, France. January 2023. A gastronomy shop window in the historic centre: local culinary specialties on display.

Blurred restaurant or cafe background. Tables and chairs in mall lobby. Visitors dining. Bright interior. Blurred bokeh background for design.

Paris, France, February 28, 2023: Urban lifestyle in Paris, people walking and cafe in exploring downtown


View of modern streets on an island

tradition china,brew tea with boiling water, coffee cup

Paris, France, February 22 2023: Urban lifestyle in Paris, people walking and cafe in exploring downtown

Three friends enjoying lunch and conversation at a cafe

Herbal tea in a glass with a spoon stir

Woman enjoys fresh cappuccino in the garden of outdoor cafe

Paris, France, February 22 2023: Urban lifestyle in Paris, people walking and cafe in exploring downtown

Three friends enjoying a meal and conversation at a cafe

Vienna, Austria, August 2022. Slow motion footage in the Naschmarkt market,view of the tables of one of the restaurants along the market. A wooden table in the foreground, people in the background.

Close-up of guy pouring water in cafe. Stock footage. Guy on date pours water from jug into glasses. . Drinking water in jug with glasses in

Girl enjoying coffee

The hands of an indonesian tea artisan making tea fo custumer at his slow bar in Solo, Indonesia.

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA - AUGUST 4TH 2017: Night footage tourists in the old city


Coffee mug on a table with a bowl of lemons bathed in sunlight. The morning's light brings a cozy glow to the peaceful balcony setup.

Traditional Presentation of Turkish Coffee in Copper Cup

Woman hand Pouring green tea Oolong in a cup. Healthy chinese tea rich in antioxidants

View to the empty cafe with wooden chairs and tables standing by the window with white curtains. Sunset or dawn time

Coffee Shop and the Marijuana industry on a Street of Amsterdam

Focused individual at a desk in a conference room with an audience in the background.

Turkish traditional tea cup on the cafe in Istanbul

Walk family woman male on pier in background with visitors to restaurants cafes on warm summer evening on island of Poros, Greece. Summer rest. Go Everywhere, freedom. Travel. Lifestyle culture

Young man and woman having lunch and conversation at a cafe

Authentic Turkish Coffee Recipe


Woman enjoys a cup of coffee on a balcony overlooking the sea and Faraglioni cliffs during summer tour in Capri Italy.

ISTANBUL, TURKEY - SEPTEMBER, 2021: steam from big street tea pot in traditional Turkish fast food cafe. national cuisine and beverage fastfood at night street

ISTANBUL, TURKEY - SEPTEMBER, 2021: street food cafe in Karakoy pier quay at evening street. Tourist people walking in famous Karakoy at evening past street food shops with bright lighting

Girl tells something to her friend at the cafe

Pouring Milk from Porcelain Milk Jug into Cup with Tea. Slow Motion.

Master of tea pouring tea in glas, slow motion. Tea ceremony