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Family psychologist a middle-aged gray-haired man in a white shirt and glasses communicates with a family of a man and his daughter

A father and son discuss family matters with a psychologist

Mother addressing adult daughter's behavior.

Contact Tracing Control of Social Distancing Behavior Rules of Crowded Areas during Lockdown Restrictions

Father Disciplines Daughter for Misbehavior


Close up view of 5 Year Old Boy Demanding Attention hitting table with fist Looking At Camera Close Up

Depressed Man In Prison, Head In Hands Alone. Male silhouette, horror. Scary in Mental Institution.

Portrait of sad bullied Caucasian boy looking at camera as classmates laughing at the background. Hopeless high school student and mocking friends. Disrespect and adolescence concept.

Confrontation between adult daughter and mother

Close-up portrait of scared bullied redhead boy sitting on stairs shaking. Frightened insulted Caucasian high school student hiding from bullies in public school. Mocking and bullying.


Quantum Physics Proton Neutron Collision, Subatomic Particles

Multiscreen on people using smartphone in everyday life. Nomophobia - People using the mobile phone. No-mobile-phone phobia.

Man with depression making confession at aa therapy meeting with alcoholics people. Person telling addiction story to receive help and advice from therapist at support rehab group.

Group of business people looking at dancing male colleague, they think his behavior is strange.

A Young Professional by the Window Talking on a Mobile Phone


Subatomic Particles Quantum Physics Theory

Upset bearded man speaking about drug addiction and crying during group support meeting

Mental health maze confusion depression stress and anxiety 3d render

Contact Tracing Control of Social Distancing Behavior Rules of Crowded Areas during Lockdown Restrictions

Portrait of sad Caucasian woman looking back at disobedient daughter and signing. Tired parent helping girl to do homework. Education, studying, difficulties.

Woman frowns and twists finger near temple with large eyes

Close-up of exhausted Caucasian woman with brown eyes sitting on sofa as her cheerful daughter running around. Motherhood, exhaustion, tiredness.


Emperor penguin near polar science station in Antarctica coast. Explore Antarctic wildlife sea bird. Travel and exploration. Discover beauty

Depressed teenage girl listens to advice of psychologist

Close-up face of stressed Caucasian teenage boy closing ears with hands as blurred woman shouting at the background. Angry mother yelling at son indoors. Lifestyle, conflict, arguing.

Family Conflict: Generational Communication Challenge


Caring middle aged Asian female pet owner putting on dog muzzle on cute big black shepherd before stroll in public park , keeping dog from engaging in dangerous behavior.

Independent preschooler girl testing patient young mother.

Positive thinking Asian office employee woman using laptop computer alone inside office room. Female university student having eyes painful problem while doing research, unhealthy working behavior

Nervous african male driver smoking cigarette in car while stuck in traffic jam. Irresponsible black man sitting in driver's seat smoking and tossing cigarette ends from car window on roadside.

Young woman having a disagreement with a frustrated teenager, discussing behavior

Upset teen closing face as mother scolds him. Stressed woman yelling at son. Family, problem, stress.

Young spouses sitting apart on sofa, ignoring each other after family quarrel at home, free space

Group of aggressive teenagers mocking nerd sad boy in high school corridor. Teenage Caucasian boys and girls laughing at bullied stressed classmate. Adolescence aggression concept.

Selective focus shot of three multi-ethnic teenagers bullying African American girl mocking and throwing papers at her

Rude man eating popcorn at cinema. Guy greedily eating pop corn in cinema in slow motion. Rude manners at movie hall


Quantum Entanglement Elementary Theoretical Particle Physics

Unrecognizable Caucasian mother or grandmother taking away smartphone from disobedient teen girl and leaving the room. Adolescence, transitional age problems. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.

Shocked man opens his eyes

Woman discusses relationship dynamics with psychologist

Serious Girl Working on Laptop Enter Dog


Subatomic Particle Quantum Entanglement Forces of Theoretical Physics

Histerical girl slaping her boyfriend for no reason. He is shoked and laughs of her behavior. Girl trying to beak upth her boyfriend.

Professional female psychologist recording family therapy session on mobile phone voice recorder, helping to solve and overcome marriage problems, changing behavior and improving mental health

Man trying to catch fly while sitting outdoors

View of Anonymous hacker man in prison

View of Anonymous hacker man in prison


Quantum Physics Subatomic Particle Simulation Theoretical Physics