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child patient visiting doctor's office

Over the shoulder shot of unrecognizable male doctor in lab coat using stethoscope and performing auscultation on female patient

Medium shot of a friendly male pediatrician examining girls teddy bear with stethoscope

Portrait of handsome positive pediatrician listening auscultation of girl using stethoscope and talking. Cheerful Middle Eastern man consulting little Caucasian patient in hospital. Pediatric clinic.

Medium shot with tilt up of bearded male doctor in lab coat writing notes on clipboard and using stethoscope and listening to breathing sounds of female patient during checkup appointment

Lungs auscultation with stethoscope at clinic

Female doctor examining a patient's heartbeat

Close-up of doctor hand performing auscultation with stethoscope listening internal sounds of unrecognizable male patient. Cardiovascular diagnostic and medicine concept.

Excited caring lovely asian toddler daughter having fun playing as doctor, auscultating mothers lung and breath with toy stethoscope while united joyful family enjoying leisure in loft apartment.

Side view of smiling male pediatrician talking with cute girl listening teddy bear with stethoscope. Middle Eastern man consulting cute Caucasian patient. Pediatric care and lifestyle.


Portrait of African American male doctor listening to the internal sounds using stethoscope. Auscultation diagnostics of teen ill patient at home indoors. Medicine and health care concept.

Portrait of charming Caucasian girl inhaling and exhaling as doctor using stethoscope. Cute little patient visiting Middle Eastern doctor pediatrician in hospital. Medical examination.

Pretty girl in eyeglasses using stethoscope listening auscultation of positive doctor in hospital. Smiling Middle Eastern man comforting Caucasian patient on consultation.

Ill Caucasian man standing in hospital ward with concentrated doctor listening back with stethoscope. Serious female physician or nurse examining sick male patient indoors. Medical concept.

Concentrated woman listening internal sounds as man sitting on medical couch in hospital ward. Caucasian doctor using stethoscope for chest auscultation as patient inhaling and exhaling.

Female doctor doing abdominal examination on male patient

Close-up of a male doctor examining girl with stethoscope

Doctor auscultating patient's back at clinic

Medium shot of a male doctor examining a girl with stethoscope

Smiling doctor talking while holding a tablet. Green screen hromakey background for keying.

Female doctor using stethoscope to exam patient

Medium shot with tilt down of bearded male doctor in lab coat listening to breathing of female patient with stethoscope, then writing notes on clipboard

Medium shot of a male doctor examining girl with stethoscope

Female experienced doctor auscultates through a stethoscope the heart and breath sound of a little baby in his mother´s arms

Tilt down of male doctor discussing treatment plan with female Asian patient while unrecognizable nurse with stethoscope measuring her arterial blood pressure

Medium shot of a doctor examining a girl with stethoscope then giving her a high five

Medium shot of a friendly male pediatrician examining girls teddy bear with stethoscope

Medium shot of a male doctor examining a girl with stethoscope

Close-up of a male doctor examining girls back with stethoscope

Wide shot of focused female doctor using stethoscope as disabled Caucasian patient breathing in and out. Portrait of concentrated professional examining paraplegic invalid at home.

Wide shot portrait of professional concentrated doctor or nurse performing auscultation with stethoscope at home of disabled young invalid on wheelchair. Woman taking care of ill handicapped person.

Professional nurse or ambulance doctor control female paralyzed patient listening with stethoscope. Auscultation of paraplegic Caucasian woman at home indoors. Slow motion.

Black father with stethoscope listening lung of smiling elementary age multiethnic son in bedroom. Lovely diverse family playing doctor and patient, doing medical checkup with stethoscope at home.

Joyful multiethnic family with little boy playing doctor and patient on bed. Positive preschooler adorable mixed race son listening black father 's heartbeat with stethoscope while enjoying playtime.